Well, the eye Dr measured my corneas and said, “Eh, um, maybe, probably you can get surgery.”  It seems my corneas are thin (at least something is thin on me) and my eyesight is poor enough that they might need more room to do the surgery.  My eyesight weighs in at a hefty -9 what ever that means.  To me it means I can’t find my glasses unless they are on my face.  I guess they have another kind of procedure that will probably work for me.  Our appointment is Nov. 7. 

I took some Claritin and that helped the hives.  I took a generic Aveeno bath last night and also used real Aveeno soap and came out feeling softer than Paul.  I will be trying that again.  It is getting better on my tummy, my arms/hands and my sides, but I still itch on my legs and feet.  Probably the worst area is my butt.  I have found if I keep the itchy areas clothed, I don’t scratch much.  Usually I keep my butt clothed, so it hasn’t been much of a challenge.

Leo is taking a monster nap today, 2.5 hours.  It is nearly time to pick up Mae from school, I am going to have to wake him up.

Mom is visiting my brother in Korea, and her cell phone died in the airport.  She called back a few hours later, from a borrowed phone and left a message on my machine.  It seems her plane was delayed, to the tune of a luxurious night in Minneapolis’ best Days Inn.  Fortunately she got her luggage and was able to charge her phone.  I definately wanted to tell her goodbye and that I love her before she went off to Asia for three weeks.

I found a good author, her characters sing with life and humor.  I will be checking out her other three books.