Nebraska was the last state in the union to enact a safe haven law for “children.”  The law didn’t specify an age.  So far about 14 kids have been dropped off this month, ranging from ages 1.5 or so to 17.  As far as I know, most have been older than ten.  One family dropped all nine of their kids at the hospital.  Could all nine have been rotten, or was it perhaps their PARENTS?  Are people really that detached from their children?  It is beyond my comprehension.

It could get even more interesting because legislature does not resume until January to change the law. 

It certainly highlights a lack of knowledge about the availability of parenting programs.  What are they going to do with these poor kids?  I can’t imagine a foster family able to absorb a sibling group of nine.  How incredibly sad.  For everyone. 

Our local tv station had an informal poll, I didn’t catch how many responded, but 34% of the people felt that no age was apropriate.  The other choices (1 week, 6 months, etc) all had fewer voters.  What do you think?