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1.  My pink eye seems to be doing better.

2.  Now I have a dead mouse in another corner. I am sure from past experience that it is under the cabinet.  Ugh.  Maybe I will get lucky again.

3.  I am done with the Indian costume.  You can’t imagine how ugly those curtains were.  I saved them for 10.5 years so I would not have to buy fabric for this costume. I trimmed it with a scrap rabbit fur my brother brought me from Canada…let’s see…over 20 years ago.  I humbly admit to being related to BOTH of my grandmothers.  I strapped a dolly into a backpack wrapped with blue cloth and wrapped round and round with red yarn.  I will need to buy black yarn for the wig.  Now off to the chicken house for a feather!  I will be busy decorating and operating a haunted house on Halloween, so I am going to dress everyone up and take them to the neighbor’s Thursday.  I will take a photo then.  My SIL has graciously agreed to take the kiddos T or T’ing in town on the 31st.

7. The punkin’ patch was fun, but I was too busy sliding and roasting marshmallows to take photos.  I did meet several moms, including one who lives two miles from me, and she takes her kid to school (7 miles) rather than driving him 1.5 miles to the bus.  She was trying to describe where she lives and I finally said, oh, you live on the XXX place, and she said, yes they’re my inlaws.  I have been here long enough to say those kinds of things now.  She was nice, and had younger kids.  I am glad I met her, she is like a next door neighbor.  If I drove to her house, I would pass only one house on the way there.

Last week I got a chart in the mail that told me I am supposed to help with the Thanksgiving party, not the Halloween party.  Today while I was gone, the other lady called to check on my progress.  Uh.  Maybe she didn’t get the updated chart.  What she really needs is a nice professional looking folder! (inside joke).  I couldn’t get a hold of her to tell her there are two other moms scheduled to help her. I could help if she needed, but I am hoping those other moms will step up.  The party is Thursday..

All I need to do is locate a remote control car.  I am making a remote control rat for my graveyard.  Cool huh?




some etc.


Some odds and ends here…

1.  I have pink eye, something I better get over before my eye surgery on November 7.  I do have four kids, so I have some stuff on hand.  I hate taking eye drops, but I guess I better get used to it, because you are supposed to take lots of them for a couple weeks after surgery.  My Tobramycin will be good practice.

2.  Remember my post about mice and snakes?  I woke up to dead mouse smell this morning.  I cleaned out under the sink with a vacuum (and the back of the car too, but not because of mice) and never found it.  I thought that it must be in that impossible spot between the floorboards and the cabinet floor.  But no!  It was in my empty dirty dish rag bucket.  I had just missed it.  I can use ammonia and be done with the whole scene!

3. I still haven’t started on altering my old kitchen curtains into an Indian dress for Halloween.  I looked in the stores for a tomahawk, but nobody is selling Indian costumes this year.  I am going to have to get creative tomorrow night!  She wants a papoose too.

4.  I carved the coolest pumpkin ever last night.  Well, ever for me.  It was one of those scenes you see and think “Who would ever take the time to do that?”   Well, we got our table messy and carved up three jack-o-lanterns.  Then I had to borrow tea lights from the neighbor because I got a little carried away with the garage sale this summer.  I will upload a photo in a couple of days.  I just used a template and poked holes in the pumpkin then connected the dots.  I am about as proud of that as anything I have done lately.  I chose a witch scene because the skulls looked really gross, and they only got more complicated after that.  I bet you could find templates on the web of cool things to carve.  This year Leo abstained from more than one bite of pumpkin guts.  Last year he pooped pumpkin seeds for two days.

5.  If you are interested in my soon-to-be 71 books, I am going to take the list down next week so I can start over.  To view it, go to my site, the real one not the one with just the most recent post, you can see it.

6.  Mae read a seven word sentence with no picture clues tonight.  She has flash cards of all the words she has learned.  Lots of verbs and then “me” and “my” and a few odds and ends… articles, prepositions.

7.  Tomorrow we are off to the pumpkin patch for a field trip. I volunteered to drive.  Cleaning out the car this afternoon was pure accident on my part, but it sure needed it.  Leo is coming too.  We will show up for lunch then head out with two extra kindergartners.

8.  Paul finally drank out of a big-boy sippie cup tonight, with a valve in it and everything!  Phew.  We are done with nummies.  Now I need to go bra shopping, my bras are all worn out, and who knows what size I am anymore…Because we are not nursing in the mornings, I had time to make scrambled eggs for breakfast today.  It was a real let down from the usual Monday poptarts.

9.  We borrowed some cloth diapers from a friend.  Paul has been testing them out.  We wait until after his morning poop.  I am not that good of a mother!  I borrowed them to write about them, not for actual use.  I cannot keep up with laundry as it is. 

10.  We are scheduled to work cattle on Weds at 4:30.  GD has scheduled less than one minute per critter.  Those of you with any common sense will know this is sure to fail.  He is famous for underestimating how long things will take.   I better make some chili in the crockpot so I don’t end up making peanut butter and sandwiches (as we call them) for supper.

11.  I have been feeling some homemade cinnamon rolls coming on.  Maybe I will make them after the Indian dress is complete.  Chili and cinnamon rolls would be good on Wednesday.

Life is good here at Chez Wildflower.  Busy but good.  A little itchy too.


71. Down from 118 one year ago.


October has been a busy month for me.  Two years ago, I started keeping a journal of all the books I read, starting on my birthday in early November.  Last year totaled 118 (but it included several children’s books, like the Little House series).  This year I decided to spend October finishing up several of those books I have struggled with getting through. 


I finally conquered Mayflower this week.  I believe I started it nearly two years ago. It was good, but not easy to read, and believe me, after two years the last part didn’t make much sense.  It went from Mayflower/1620 to King Phillip’s war/1675.  I think the prevailing thread had something to do with how the pilgrims and natives got along, or didn’t.  But when you look up and notice that the only ties to the Mayflower are grandchildren of the original pilgrims, you spend some time pondering the name of the book.


I am nearly thorough Aunt Erma’s Cope Book by Bombeck.  It is not her best work, but the end is in sight.  Next will be Children Learn What They Live, a library book I have had for months now.  Probably I should just buy it and read it about once a year along with my Parenting With Love and Logic.  After that will be Eats, Shoots & Leaves.  I just got distracted with this one and found “funner” things to read. It is really quite good, and not difficult at all to read.  That is saying something for a grammar book. I probably won’t finish anything else.  Out of Africa is on my list, I have mom’s special copy complete with lovely sketches of birds in the margins.  Each time she sees it she says, “Oh, that is where that book went.  Are you done with it?”  Each time I say, “No, it is so hard to start.  Do I have to read it?”  She says, “You really should, I think you would like it.”  So I still have it.  Maybe I will finish that in 2009.  That and the biography of John Adams.  I am on track for 71 books this year.    

My newest subscriber


My grandma just subscribed to me!  How cool is that?  I won’t tell you how old she is, but we flew to south Texas to attend her 90th birthday last year.  I have her password, so I am off to make a page for her.

Just wait until I am done with this


My first college roommate was a perfectionist, kind of the opposite of me. She used to say, “I just can’t wait until this biology test is over, then things will slow down.” When the biology test was over she moved on to another test in another subject, or maybe a lab project. We were in college, we were tested several times a month! Something is always coming up. Until you die. After you are dead, things get really different, at least that is what I hear!

I am done with my little directory, and it looks great. I sold a few ads then got it printed for free. That should help with our budget.

Now I am looking at helping with a haunted house for our booster club at Mae’s school. (Any scary ideas?) Yesterday I got a call from a fellow preschooler mom. She had just found out she was in charge of the Halloween party at school, and I had been nominated by default to help because I told them to use me where they needed me most. I am cool with that, but I suspect that nobody else signed up for the other parties. I told her I would bring a bowling game and a snack. Sounds like fun!

Leo is potty training, and doing a pretty good job at it. He suddenly grabs his crotch and hops up and down, we run to the bathroom and he does his thing then he gets a sticker. So far so good. He has peed on the floor a few times, but then who hasn’t?

Paul has a cold, his eyes are red and he acts sick. I am in the process of weaning him, so I hope he is getting the fluids he needs. He has yet to figure out the standard sippie cup. The one he will drink from he can make leak like a sieve when he wants, so I am trying a bottle. Nothing like starting a kid on a bottle two weeks before his first birthday. He’s smart, he will figure it out eventually. 

I sent Jane to the car for my wallet yesterday morning so I could send some money to help pay for the halloween party at school as requested.  (Little did I know.)  I like to quote the Go To Jail card in Monopoly, you know…”Go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect two hundred dollars” when I want promptness.  I told her I didn’t want her playing in the car, just to get my wallet and come back in.  Jane said, “I know Mama, I won’t “cowect” two hundred dollars.” 

My phobias


I learned something about myself tonight. 

When I see a mouse in my house, I inhale sharply.

When I see a snake in my house, I yip and dance away (this is from memory, nothing lately)

Spiders don’t bother me too much.

It is again the time of year for critters to find a nice warm place to winter.  I put some mouse bait under the kitchen sink.  I am not nearly so terrified by mice as snakes.  I need to get GD under the house to see what the snake situation is.

The ramblings of a dial up blogger


I enjoyed my day at pre-school. We went to the fruit stand and got pumpkins, and got to see a fire truck. Lunch was hamburger stew, pears, biscuit and oj. Not too bad, they use “real” silverware at her school. The portions are quite a bit bigger than my kids would eat. My day brought to light some concerns about the program, so I will be researching it. I made the assumption that I would be happy with a school’s pre-school, but now I am not so sure. I like the teacher, she does a good job, but she is not in charge of her curriculum. We couldn’t visit last year, because it just opened this year. Ms. B said kindergarten teachers wanted kids to know how to write their names, tie their shoes and be familiar with numbers 1 through 10.

Mae is still working on the shoe thing. In soccer I have noticed that whenever you need an extra break, you can kick a shoe off and get an automatic time out while the coach re-ties it. Soccer 1-49

We have two more soccer games this fall. Mae is no natural athlete. I admit we need to practice more than we do. Maybe this weekend, if it isn’t too wet. These shots are from the first game, Mae is getting better at paying attention to the game, at least when she is in it. Her Uncle John plays soccer in Korea. I hope he pays more attention than she does. I am sure he can tie his own shoes, but maybe he doesn’t know how to get extra time outs.  Soccer 1-37

My husband and I learned to drive by helping our fathers feed the cattle. Starting at about age 6, we would steer the pickup while dad fed hay or whatever until dad (we didn’t have the same dad obviously, but I am assuming here that GD’s dad did the same thing) pounded on the roof, then we would slide under the dash and push the clutch onto the floor, effectively stopping the pickup. When we weren’t there to help, they used the seatbelt to steer somehow then they had to run and jump into the pickup to stop it. I have been telling GD that it is high time he taught the ladies to drive too. The last time I mentioned it, Jane said she would like to learn to drive, “then I could save you time and drive myself to the baby sitter.”

I am excited to see that they are fixing the bridge between our house and the bus stop. That will shave off 2 miles per trip, or six miles a day for you math fans!

Jane changed one of Leo’s poopy diapers last week. By herself. She was sure proud, and she did a pretty good job (at least as good as her father would have). I caught her in Paul’s crib several weeks ago after she changed his wet diaper. She told me she didn’t get it all stuck together, and I checked to see if he was wet, because subconsciously I didn’t believe her, and she said “I changed it!” Looks like I will soon be out of a job. I wish she would potty train Leo. I dread doing it. Soccer 1-08 Speaking of poop, I learned a lesson.  Don’t feed  your kids black refried beans and chips for a snack, healthy as it might sound.  It backfired on me, literally.  I had to change four poopy diapers before 9 this morning!

I am waiting for two more photos to upload, so I am going to keep on writing. If this seems dull, just think of the things I have deleted!  Paul loves his Oreos!

Soccer 1-13 Leo loves trailers and things that hook to things.  He is using the sled to haul around his toys and his sisters.  Paul is going to have to arm wrestle him to have the use of the walking thing when he starts walking.

Leo and I have been reading Fox in Socks. I am getting to where I can read it quite quickly, as it should be read. My favorite line is, (from memory, so it might be a little off) “I don’t like this trick sir, my tongue isn’t quick or slick sir.” It just seems appropriate this time of the year. That Seuss was a smart guy.

Ho we are on the last picture! I haven’t heard from the fast internet phone guy, I was hoping for yet this year, but we are almost out of months. I don’t even want to call him.  It is taking over 15 minutes per photo. 

GD came home this week with the news that his company is sending us on a Caribbean  cruise/meeting. Last time we did this, I came home pregnant with Paul. That won’t be happening again, so we‘ll have to look for other entertainment opportunities. I am really excited about trying scuba diving again. I am also excited about the food. I love to eat, especially things I didn’t cook and don‘t have to clean up. I plan to be in training from now until Feb so I can be skinny enough to really enjoy the food. Our waiter promised we would gain 5 lbs in 3 days. I beat that, but then I was pregnant too, never mind that it was only a few hours pregnant. I bought myself two souvenirs last time, a flamingo shirt and a cookbook from the cruise line.

Dad is coming for a night this weekend. I might have to get out my cookbook and try something new.

I spent most of that last 15 minutes cutting things out and editing, so consider yourself lucky.


School lunch


Tomorrow I am off to preschool!  I will spend the morning with Janie’s class, then go home after lunch.  It looks like ground beef stew and a biscuit.  I see five days with the word breaded or nugget or corn dog this month.  yum.  My SIL is in the school lunch biz and she swears there are better ways to feed kids than what most schools provide.  I have never eaten one of her school lunches, so I don’t know, but we eat good at her house when we go.  Here the kids get a styrofoam plate and a plastic “spork”, or “foon” if you will.  I have wonderful memories of grade school lunches.  We had real plates and real food and even knives.  Homemade lunches are a huge reason I considered the parochial school up the road. 

We had three cooks that I remember.  All three were grandma-types.  The first was a great cook, the second was horrible and the third was wonderful.  I saw that the ladies had “dinner rolls” with lunch today.  Yeah, those press out things that taste like nothing.  We used to get homemade rolls, even the bad cook made our rolls.  Mmmm.  I won’t even eat one of those press-out rolls.  It is a waste of a plate.  Our second cook worked for about two years, she drove the bus too, I believe.  She made chili and hot dogs and chili and hot dogs.  I don’t remember eating chili dogs, but we ate lots and lots of chili.  She wasn’t so much a bad cook, but certainly uninspired.  After she left us she went to work for some rich folks (and by rich folks, I mean you would recognize their last name).  Maybe they like chili.  I never understood that, it is not like she went to chef school or anything.  Mrs B, Cook #3, gave us some of our favorite recipes as an 8th grade graduation gift.  I still have them, and use them from time to time.

Mrs. B was poor, as in her husband trapped, and they ate what he trapped, like possum and skunk.  She brought some once for us to try.  I don’t remember what it was like, but I am sure I tried it.  The older kids took turns serving lunch then washing plates afterwards, so we got to know her pretty well in that tiny, steamy kitchen.

The mother’s group at school got together one year and bought her a new coat for Christmas with the funds they had raised at the chili supper.  (we didn’t sell magazines or wrapping paper) She cried, she had never had a new coat before.  I wish they had done that years before they actually did.

Mrs. B. was the brave cook who rescued my class from the vicious bull snake that visited our class one beautiful fall day.  She came in with the broom and swept him out the door!  It is a good thing because our teacher was on her desk screeching, and setting a fine example for the seven kids in her class.

I really admire her, she had lots of grit, and a tough lot in life.  She got throat cancer, but recovered and is still out there cooking up raccoon as far as I know.


What have I been up to?


I am still trying to get this directory for MOPS out.  We have around 45 members, and I can identify about 35 of them.  I am about half done, maybe more.  I find it amazing that my computer is smart enough to sort the pages so it makes a booklet.  I need to stick in advertising and about 15 members with their info yet.  I am going to a friend’s so she can help me proof read it tomorrow.

I have a garden full of tomatoes that I need to put by.  I dread going out there, but I didn’t get any put up last year and I really missed them last winter.  When you go to the store to buy tomatoes, they offer maybe 15 or 30 choices, sliced, diced, whole peeled, with onions, garlic, basil, RoTel, and on and on.  When I go to the pantry to get tomatoes, I have one choice, pint or quart. (My pet peeve: if there is only one option it is not a choice, by definition you must have at least two options to have a choice.)  I am not a huge fan of my salsa, so I don’t mess with that.

Not much else is going on here, just rain, and mud. 

Parental warning

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Mom and Dad, this contains a picture of your wedding.  Just a warning. 


Something old….


Something new. 


Jane wanted to be a bride for Halloween, so we found her a used veil (mom’s) and a dress from Goodwill. 

For the Kiwanis Kids’ Parade, we dressed Mae as her bride’s maid, Leo as the groom.  Jane suggested Paul could be a fat angel-baby, so we gave him some Tinkerbell wings, and a bow and arrow.  I tied some old shoes to drag behind the wagon.  We didn’t win, but we should have.


In other news, I have a new favorite word.  mondegreen (n)

Basically it is when you misunderstand the lyrics of a song, or a phrase.  The example uses is “I lead a pigeon to the flag,” rather than, “I pledge alligance to the flag.”

I took the opportunity to look up a phrase from Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light” that has always puzzled me.  I was relieved that it was actually the word “deuce” and the phrase still made no sense to me.