Tomorrow I am off to preschool!  I will spend the morning with Janie’s class, then go home after lunch.  It looks like ground beef stew and a biscuit.  I see five days with the word breaded or nugget or corn dog this month.  yum.  My SIL is in the school lunch biz and she swears there are better ways to feed kids than what most schools provide.  I have never eaten one of her school lunches, so I don’t know, but we eat good at her house when we go.  Here the kids get a styrofoam plate and a plastic “spork”, or “foon” if you will.  I have wonderful memories of grade school lunches.  We had real plates and real food and even knives.  Homemade lunches are a huge reason I considered the parochial school up the road. 

We had three cooks that I remember.  All three were grandma-types.  The first was a great cook, the second was horrible and the third was wonderful.  I saw that the ladies had “dinner rolls” with lunch today.  Yeah, those press out things that taste like nothing.  We used to get homemade rolls, even the bad cook made our rolls.  Mmmm.  I won’t even eat one of those press-out rolls.  It is a waste of a plate.  Our second cook worked for about two years, she drove the bus too, I believe.  She made chili and hot dogs and chili and hot dogs.  I don’t remember eating chili dogs, but we ate lots and lots of chili.  She wasn’t so much a bad cook, but certainly uninspired.  After she left us she went to work for some rich folks (and by rich folks, I mean you would recognize their last name).  Maybe they like chili.  I never understood that, it is not like she went to chef school or anything.  Mrs B, Cook #3, gave us some of our favorite recipes as an 8th grade graduation gift.  I still have them, and use them from time to time.

Mrs. B was poor, as in her husband trapped, and they ate what he trapped, like possum and skunk.  She brought some once for us to try.  I don’t remember what it was like, but I am sure I tried it.  The older kids took turns serving lunch then washing plates afterwards, so we got to know her pretty well in that tiny, steamy kitchen.

The mother’s group at school got together one year and bought her a new coat for Christmas with the funds they had raised at the chili supper.  (we didn’t sell magazines or wrapping paper) She cried, she had never had a new coat before.  I wish they had done that years before they actually did.

Mrs. B. was the brave cook who rescued my class from the vicious bull snake that visited our class one beautiful fall day.  She came in with the broom and swept him out the door!  It is a good thing because our teacher was on her desk screeching, and setting a fine example for the seven kids in her class.

I really admire her, she had lots of grit, and a tough lot in life.  She got throat cancer, but recovered and is still out there cooking up raccoon as far as I know.