October has been a busy month for me.  Two years ago, I started keeping a journal of all the books I read, starting on my birthday in early November.  Last year totaled 118 (but it included several children’s books, like the Little House series).  This year I decided to spend October finishing up several of those books I have struggled with getting through. 


I finally conquered Mayflower this week.  I believe I started it nearly two years ago. It was good, but not easy to read, and believe me, after two years the last part didn’t make much sense.  It went from Mayflower/1620 to King Phillip’s war/1675.  I think the prevailing thread had something to do with how the pilgrims and natives got along, or didn’t.  But when you look up and notice that the only ties to the Mayflower are grandchildren of the original pilgrims, you spend some time pondering the name of the book.


I am nearly thorough Aunt Erma’s Cope Book by Bombeck.  It is not her best work, but the end is in sight.  Next will be Children Learn What They Live, a library book I have had for months now.  Probably I should just buy it and read it about once a year along with my Parenting With Love and Logic.  After that will be Eats, Shoots & Leaves.  I just got distracted with this one and found “funner” things to read. It is really quite good, and not difficult at all to read.  That is saying something for a grammar book. I probably won’t finish anything else.  Out of Africa is on my list, I have mom’s special copy complete with lovely sketches of birds in the margins.  Each time she sees it she says, “Oh, that is where that book went.  Are you done with it?”  Each time I say, “No, it is so hard to start.  Do I have to read it?”  She says, “You really should, I think you would like it.”  So I still have it.  Maybe I will finish that in 2009.  That and the biography of John Adams.  I am on track for 71 books this year.