Some odds and ends here…

1.  I have pink eye, something I better get over before my eye surgery on November 7.  I do have four kids, so I have some stuff on hand.  I hate taking eye drops, but I guess I better get used to it, because you are supposed to take lots of them for a couple weeks after surgery.  My Tobramycin will be good practice.

2.  Remember my post about mice and snakes?  I woke up to dead mouse smell this morning.  I cleaned out under the sink with a vacuum (and the back of the car too, but not because of mice) and never found it.  I thought that it must be in that impossible spot between the floorboards and the cabinet floor.  But no!  It was in my empty dirty dish rag bucket.  I had just missed it.  I can use ammonia and be done with the whole scene!

3. I still haven’t started on altering my old kitchen curtains into an Indian dress for Halloween.  I looked in the stores for a tomahawk, but nobody is selling Indian costumes this year.  I am going to have to get creative tomorrow night!  She wants a papoose too.

4.  I carved the coolest pumpkin ever last night.  Well, ever for me.  It was one of those scenes you see and think “Who would ever take the time to do that?”   Well, we got our table messy and carved up three jack-o-lanterns.  Then I had to borrow tea lights from the neighbor because I got a little carried away with the garage sale this summer.  I will upload a photo in a couple of days.  I just used a template and poked holes in the pumpkin then connected the dots.  I am about as proud of that as anything I have done lately.  I chose a witch scene because the skulls looked really gross, and they only got more complicated after that.  I bet you could find templates on the web of cool things to carve.  This year Leo abstained from more than one bite of pumpkin guts.  Last year he pooped pumpkin seeds for two days.

5.  If you are interested in my soon-to-be 71 books, I am going to take the list down next week so I can start over.  To view it, go to my site, the real one not the one with just the most recent post, you can see it.

6.  Mae read a seven word sentence with no picture clues tonight.  She has flash cards of all the words she has learned.  Lots of verbs and then “me” and “my” and a few odds and ends… articles, prepositions.

7.  Tomorrow we are off to the pumpkin patch for a field trip. I volunteered to drive.  Cleaning out the car this afternoon was pure accident on my part, but it sure needed it.  Leo is coming too.  We will show up for lunch then head out with two extra kindergartners.

8.  Paul finally drank out of a big-boy sippie cup tonight, with a valve in it and everything!  Phew.  We are done with nummies.  Now I need to go bra shopping, my bras are all worn out, and who knows what size I am anymore…Because we are not nursing in the mornings, I had time to make scrambled eggs for breakfast today.  It was a real let down from the usual Monday poptarts.

9.  We borrowed some cloth diapers from a friend.  Paul has been testing them out.  We wait until after his morning poop.  I am not that good of a mother!  I borrowed them to write about them, not for actual use.  I cannot keep up with laundry as it is. 

10.  We are scheduled to work cattle on Weds at 4:30.  GD has scheduled less than one minute per critter.  Those of you with any common sense will know this is sure to fail.  He is famous for underestimating how long things will take.   I better make some chili in the crockpot so I don’t end up making peanut butter and sandwiches (as we call them) for supper.

11.  I have been feeling some homemade cinnamon rolls coming on.  Maybe I will make them after the Indian dress is complete.  Chili and cinnamon rolls would be good on Wednesday.

Life is good here at Chez Wildflower.  Busy but good.  A little itchy too.