1.  My pink eye seems to be doing better.

2.  Now I have a dead mouse in another corner. I am sure from past experience that it is under the cabinet.  Ugh.  Maybe I will get lucky again.

3.  I am done with the Indian costume.  You can’t imagine how ugly those curtains were.  I saved them for 10.5 years so I would not have to buy fabric for this costume. I trimmed it with a scrap rabbit fur my brother brought me from Canada…let’s see…over 20 years ago.  I humbly admit to being related to BOTH of my grandmothers.  I strapped a dolly into a backpack wrapped with blue cloth and wrapped round and round with red yarn.  I will need to buy black yarn for the wig.  Now off to the chicken house for a feather!  I will be busy decorating and operating a haunted house on Halloween, so I am going to dress everyone up and take them to the neighbor’s Thursday.  I will take a photo then.  My SIL has graciously agreed to take the kiddos T or T’ing in town on the 31st.

7. The punkin’ patch was fun, but I was too busy sliding and roasting marshmallows to take photos.  I did meet several moms, including one who lives two miles from me, and she takes her kid to school (7 miles) rather than driving him 1.5 miles to the bus.  She was trying to describe where she lives and I finally said, oh, you live on the XXX place, and she said, yes they’re my inlaws.  I have been here long enough to say those kinds of things now.  She was nice, and had younger kids.  I am glad I met her, she is like a next door neighbor.  If I drove to her house, I would pass only one house on the way there.

Last week I got a chart in the mail that told me I am supposed to help with the Thanksgiving party, not the Halloween party.  Today while I was gone, the other lady called to check on my progress.  Uh.  Maybe she didn’t get the updated chart.  What she really needs is a nice professional looking folder! (inside joke).  I couldn’t get a hold of her to tell her there are two other moms scheduled to help her. I could help if she needed, but I am hoping those other moms will step up.  The party is Thursday..

All I need to do is locate a remote control car.  I am making a remote control rat for my graveyard.  Cool huh?