I think I am losing it


Every time I turn around it seems I have lost something. So far no kids – I do a head count when entering and exiting places, which I think helps. I lost Jane’s school photos. I have no idea where they are, as a last resort I even located a particular trash bag I had thought had been taken out, but no photos. I was tossing art projects by the dozen, and I thought maybe the photos were with them, but they weren’t. They weren’t really expensive, I guess I will order some more. It would be cheaper than having Sears take them.

I kind of hate to re-order, because I have been finding things too. I found (while looking for the pictures) Mae’s baby spoon, which I had wanted for Paul to use. I also found some alphabet letters from our Word Whammer under the fridge, and some dust bunnies I had been missing…

As I put on my winter church coat today I remembered how I love to find things, especially twenties, in old coat pockets. I found a pair of sunglasses (I am up to six pairs of found sunglasses) and Leo’s tie from Palm Sunday. I knew it had to be somewhere. He liked to wear it, but I couldn’t find it for the life of me, until the weather got cold that is. So much for the cute Easter photos. I am not sure why he likes it, he has never seen his father wear one.

What I would really like to find is the dead mouse near the kitchen sink. I am starting to suspect he may be decomposing under the dishwasher. I put the coffee pot in there tonight to wash. GD doesn’t notice the problem, but maybe when he gets the coffee pot out first thing in the morning he will. Removing the kick panel is high on my list of things to do during naptime tomorrow, unless someone else does…

Something I am not going to lose…I sold an anecdote to a magazine and they sent me a check for $75. Not too bad for the work of a few minutes. This is the most I have ever been paid, so of course I copied the check. Unfortunately writing does not always work like that, in fact it pays nothing if you never send things out! I need to work on that. (I admit this is probably bragging, but it is not like I got a book advance of a few hundred thousand dollars or anything. Think of it as sharing good news, not bragging.) I would like to have a freelance career off and running by the time Paul hits Kindergarten, so I could work from home. So far this year I have cleared $85.



I have taken up a new hobby. I am learning to make balloon animals. Actually it is my underhanded way of not dealing with other people’s kids. This is how it works; at our church’s Easter party I bring my face paints and a mirror each year. Thus I am occupied and don’t have to try to come up with games or remember anyone’s kid’s name. I just sit there and paint whatever the kid wants. I can do tractors, spiders, mermaids, you name it. Balloon animals would work the same way. My first attempts at balloon animals have not always been recognizable. The kids were impressed at the “skateboard” I made. It was supposed to be a dog. In my defense, I think the head came undone. I also made an ugly floppy flower and a few other things. It is lots of fun!

We had some family pictures taken today. Our neighbor takes photos of horses…for a living, like race horses and at horse shows all over the place. She also does people. As usual we were in a rush, so we didn’t get a lot of different poses, but she can cut and paste hands and faces exceptionally well, for example taking GD‘s thumb out of Paul‘s crotch. We went to the local prairie (my idea, surprised?). After seeing the photos, she liked the grass better than she thought she would have. I like it a lot and I am paying for it. I think I will get together with the kids again and get some more taken. She didn’t really get one of Paul by himself but she got some good ones of Janie. Something about Jane is really photogenic. Mae was too much of a ham to get very good shot, and the best shot of Leo has him carrying a neon green swimming noodle that can’t be deleted very well.

1 2 3 4 5

I stayed up last night cleaning the kitchen and watching “Flags of our Fathers.” It was really good. I recognized Edie’s husband (from “Desperate Housewives“). He took the second flag up the hill, I almost never recognize people when they change hair color or style or sometimes even their clothes. “Letters from Iwo Jima” is next on my list. I will have to sit down for that one, because I think most of it is subtitled.

The thing that annoys me the most about my word processing program is the quotes and the apostrophe. It nearly always puts them backwards, then I have to go through and fix them. For example the above example of “Desperate Housewives”. The parentheses throws it off and I “can‘t” get it to turn around. You will also notice “can’t“.” Why wrong once and right the second time? I can understand getting confused about putting the quotes inside the sentence, it doesn’t like that, but please explain can’t. I sure can’t. Especially now that it won’t put it wrong. Oh well.

Strange bedfellows


  • 1 crook neck gourd
  • 1 hand mirror
  • 2 pretty pony dresses
  • 3 books 
  • 1 zebra
  • 1 pig
  • 1 cat 
  • 1 dog
  • 2 polarbears
  • 1 doll blanket
  • 4 baby blankets
  • a pillow, sheets and a comforter

 This is not a bed, it is a filing cabinet.

What crazy things do your kids sleep with?

Everything’s up-to-date in Kansas City


We had a great trip. We went to the KC zoo which is quite different from Omaha’s, and in a good way. I never once felt like I should be rappelling down the hills. We got quite a hike and the stroller came in handy. We ate at Fritz’s, the original one, not the fancy new one. A little train brings your meal in a box, which it drops off on a platform by your table. The food is good too.   DSC01252

We toured Fort Osage which surprised me. Lewis and Clark decided it would be a good place for a fort when they went by. I had never seen a fort with a wooden fence around it. All the forts I am familiar with are huge post Civil War forts and are not enclosed. We went to an Aldi (we try to hit the exciting tourist spots when we travel). Then we went to Union Station to see the train exhibit. Oh my. I officially love train stations. This photo was taken from three floors up and my camera wouldn’t quite catch it all. You can see some grownups for scale.  They had all sizes of trains, N, O etc.  Leo was beside himself.DSC01273 DSC01267 I also found a diorama of myself… DSC01270

On the way home we hit a nature place in Nebraska City. It was tons of fun and we left with a gallon of cider. This tree house is huge. It must be lots of fun when the windchill is not a factor. DSC01311

My In-laws were gracious hosts and put up with the mayhem which surrounds our family.

A photo of my two toothless daughters.DSC01145

Auction side note

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I watched the video with my husband and I have to apologize.  It is not a very good example of his auctioneering skills.  He really can do the cadance-chant thing, not just call off numbers.  I think the situation kind of took him off guard, and the laughter.  I will get some better video of him sometime.

How to make money for your church


Our church held their harvest auction Sunday night.  A newcomer to the community, Bill (in orange shirt), inadvertently was the recipient of stolen property on Saturday night.  Someone slipped a photo album into his prize at the end of a card party held at Deb’s house.  Bill, an opportunist, promised to give it back at the harvest auction.  Unbeknownst to him, the guy who stole it told Todd (in white shirt) buy it at the auction.  Todd was not given an upper price limit.  I accidentally caught this on camera.  Since I don’t do YouTube yet, it is on my Xanga.  The first video is pretty long, but it shows GD auctioning.    Having a live auction will double or triple your take.  That number goes even higher if you have members who are not above blackmail!


As you may have discovered, I now have fast internet!

Stay tuned for more photos.


It is becoming a reality


Today the phone guy stopped to tell me I could call and sign up for DSL.  You can bet I was on the phone before he got out of the driveway.  I am hoping this is my last dial-up post. 

My eyes are great, GD is having some problems, probably because of his astigmatism, but the only side effect I notice is I have a hard time going to bed.  It seems like I should take my contacts out, or my glasses off or something.  Thirty years of old habits die hard.

Tomorrow after school I am taking the kids to KC to see GD’s sister.  Her husband is a train engineer, so Leo should have fun.  They have a couple days off of school, then I have to be home by Saturday night because our church is having a soup supper Sunday, and I am one of the soup-ers.  They have a silent auction then GD is supposed to auction some items too.  Last time he sold a free calender for $45.  The next day he went down to the implement dealer and got himself a free one.  I hope he has been practicing.  I might try to take some video to post.  You can make a lot of money with a live auctioneer.  That calendar would have never sold for that in a silent auction.  Coincidentally the calendar featured one of the church members with a restored tractor, “Mr. March” if you will. 

You know, I have to pack for five  people, and I haven’t really started.  I also need to vacuum the van, I hauled a tree for our haunted house and it molted or what ever all over the inside of the van.  It looks like I could rake it and put it in a bag. 

I had two thawed pork chops and one chicken breast in the fridge.  I cooked them for GD so he doesn’t have to eat peanutbutter.  Tonight we had fried cabbage (and other stuff).  Tomorrow I am planning to make a big pot of ham and beans with some thawed bacon I have on hand.  Then I am leaving.  I won’t have to deal with the digestive repercussions of the cabbage or beans!  I had quite an array of odds and ends of thawed meat.  I am glad I could use it this way instead of trying to figure out what to do with two pork chops, a chicken breast and a package of bacon ends for a family of 5.5. 

I was blind, but now I see


When I was a kid, I remember my mom holding me up under my arms to show me an antelope who was a quarter of a mile away. He was tawny and the grass was tawny. I never saw him. Finally I told mom I could see him so she would put me down. She knew I didn’t see him the way that you can tell that someone can’t see something; the uncertain “yeah, I see it now” while gazing a few degrees off. A couple of years after that I got glasses and realized the trees had leaves and saw the stars at night. That was either second or third grade.

As a freshman in college I put my glasses somewhere odd and I had to wander through the dorm halls to find someone still awake who could come find my glasses for me. What I had spent the previous fifteen minutes searching for she found immediately.

I remember waking one weekend in college and being amazed, I told my roommate that a miracle had occurred. I could see! She laughed and told me I had gone to bed drunk and had forgotten to take my contacts out.

I have 20/20 vision now. And bruises on my eyeballs. Fortunately, you can’t see the bruises without getting personal. They don’t hurt. Surgery went well, as in it worked, but it was painful. I think both the doctor and I agreed that I should have had a little more valium. I found myself wishing I had brought Paul’s lovey. But I could see immediately. It was pretty amazing.

It really isn’t so different from contacts, except I wake up seeing, instead of blind. GD notices a difference because he wore glasses and his focal point changed. The nurses, or what ever they were, told me I won the contest for worst vision for the week, but not the month. I guess some people are more blind than I was. This is kind of hard to believe. I could see about five inches from my face. I once dated a guy who was legally blind. He could actually see better than me. The difference being his eyesight was not correctable.

The End is in Sight


You should have seen me last night. I had the laptop open in the car, parked by the Travelodge (free wireless) trying to upload the Halloween photos. Then my computer did what it has been doing for some time now. My internet provider start up thing came up and kicked me off of the wireless, then would not let me back on. It has done this several times, like it is jealous or something. Humh. Sunday I drove around and met some neighbors who live about 1.5 miles away and have DSL through our phone company. What an irritating discovery. This prompted me to call the phone company to politely ask the status of DSL a mile and a half from our neighbors. The lady told me I had no chance of seeing it any time soon. I told her the technician had mentioned something about by the end of the year. She called him and by golly they are looking at the next 30 days!!!!! I am so psyched. (Does anyone say that any more?)

These photos are the result of about two hours of uploading…for THE LAST TIME!


I had to put my finger over the flash to take this.


I went with individual pictures, because it just takes longer to get them all to stand still and look at me.  It also takes longer to upload them.  Leo the firefighter, in action.


Aren’t those ugly?  Mae has a homemade yarn wig and a papoose strapped into a backpack.  Doll includes authentic tatoos and haircut thanks to Jane. 


Mister Static Cling complete with dryer sheets and socks.  I decided against underwear.


…and the Wedding Bride who commented, “That is just not right.” when she saw another bride trick or treating.

My SIL took them out in our little town.  She found several people who knew the kids.  I was quite disappointed with the haul.  It was mostly chocolate.  Usually I can split things up…here is a lollypop for you here is chocolate for me, here are Starburst for you here is chocolate for me, here is a Tootsie Roll for you here is chocolate for me.  Thankfully it was not nearly so much as in years past.  This might last until the end of the month…if I stay out of it.

Leo wanted me to read to him yesterday. I decided to find out what his threshold for reading is. We got through Grover dressing himself, Skippyjon Jones, Pinkalicious, The Paint Pig book, a dinosaur book and a “mazagine” as we call it around here, (I probably better correct that one or I will be having an adult child with a college education saying things like pissquetti…it does happen.) Then he was done. He can sit through six books. Paul is getting interested in books too, and for more than just the flavor.

You know working the cattle didn’t go too bad. We worked 50 calves Thursday, then Sunday afternoon GD and I did 23 by ourselves in less than half an hour. The new set up works pretty well. The babies have been missing their mamas and have been crying all night. I was glad to get them over to the other place.

My hives are better. We have a family doctor, so when I took Paul in for his one year checkup, the Dr. gave me some samples of something to take for my hives. It is a tiny pill, and it works…I suspect it is a placebo, but I am happy with the results. Surgery is on Friday…and DSL by the end of the month.  Life is good.  Well, it was already good, these things will just make it better.