You should have seen me last night. I had the laptop open in the car, parked by the Travelodge (free wireless) trying to upload the Halloween photos. Then my computer did what it has been doing for some time now. My internet provider start up thing came up and kicked me off of the wireless, then would not let me back on. It has done this several times, like it is jealous or something. Humh. Sunday I drove around and met some neighbors who live about 1.5 miles away and have DSL through our phone company. What an irritating discovery. This prompted me to call the phone company to politely ask the status of DSL a mile and a half from our neighbors. The lady told me I had no chance of seeing it any time soon. I told her the technician had mentioned something about by the end of the year. She called him and by golly they are looking at the next 30 days!!!!! I am so psyched. (Does anyone say that any more?)

These photos are the result of about two hours of uploading…for THE LAST TIME!


I had to put my finger over the flash to take this.


I went with individual pictures, because it just takes longer to get them all to stand still and look at me.  It also takes longer to upload them.  Leo the firefighter, in action.


Aren’t those ugly?  Mae has a homemade yarn wig and a papoose strapped into a backpack.  Doll includes authentic tatoos and haircut thanks to Jane. 


Mister Static Cling complete with dryer sheets and socks.  I decided against underwear.


…and the Wedding Bride who commented, “That is just not right.” when she saw another bride trick or treating.

My SIL took them out in our little town.  She found several people who knew the kids.  I was quite disappointed with the haul.  It was mostly chocolate.  Usually I can split things up…here is a lollypop for you here is chocolate for me, here are Starburst for you here is chocolate for me, here is a Tootsie Roll for you here is chocolate for me.  Thankfully it was not nearly so much as in years past.  This might last until the end of the month…if I stay out of it.

Leo wanted me to read to him yesterday. I decided to find out what his threshold for reading is. We got through Grover dressing himself, Skippyjon Jones, Pinkalicious, The Paint Pig book, a dinosaur book and a “mazagine” as we call it around here, (I probably better correct that one or I will be having an adult child with a college education saying things like pissquetti…it does happen.) Then he was done. He can sit through six books. Paul is getting interested in books too, and for more than just the flavor.

You know working the cattle didn’t go too bad. We worked 50 calves Thursday, then Sunday afternoon GD and I did 23 by ourselves in less than half an hour. The new set up works pretty well. The babies have been missing their mamas and have been crying all night. I was glad to get them over to the other place.

My hives are better. We have a family doctor, so when I took Paul in for his one year checkup, the Dr. gave me some samples of something to take for my hives. It is a tiny pill, and it works…I suspect it is a placebo, but I am happy with the results. Surgery is on Friday…and DSL by the end of the month.  Life is good.  Well, it was already good, these things will just make it better.