When I was a kid, I remember my mom holding me up under my arms to show me an antelope who was a quarter of a mile away. He was tawny and the grass was tawny. I never saw him. Finally I told mom I could see him so she would put me down. She knew I didn’t see him the way that you can tell that someone can’t see something; the uncertain “yeah, I see it now” while gazing a few degrees off. A couple of years after that I got glasses and realized the trees had leaves and saw the stars at night. That was either second or third grade.

As a freshman in college I put my glasses somewhere odd and I had to wander through the dorm halls to find someone still awake who could come find my glasses for me. What I had spent the previous fifteen minutes searching for she found immediately.

I remember waking one weekend in college and being amazed, I told my roommate that a miracle had occurred. I could see! She laughed and told me I had gone to bed drunk and had forgotten to take my contacts out.

I have 20/20 vision now. And bruises on my eyeballs. Fortunately, you can’t see the bruises without getting personal. They don’t hurt. Surgery went well, as in it worked, but it was painful. I think both the doctor and I agreed that I should have had a little more valium. I found myself wishing I had brought Paul’s lovey. But I could see immediately. It was pretty amazing.

It really isn’t so different from contacts, except I wake up seeing, instead of blind. GD notices a difference because he wore glasses and his focal point changed. The nurses, or what ever they were, told me I won the contest for worst vision for the week, but not the month. I guess some people are more blind than I was. This is kind of hard to believe. I could see about five inches from my face. I once dated a guy who was legally blind. He could actually see better than me. The difference being his eyesight was not correctable.