Today the phone guy stopped to tell me I could call and sign up for DSL.  You can bet I was on the phone before he got out of the driveway.  I am hoping this is my last dial-up post. 

My eyes are great, GD is having some problems, probably because of his astigmatism, but the only side effect I notice is I have a hard time going to bed.  It seems like I should take my contacts out, or my glasses off or something.  Thirty years of old habits die hard.

Tomorrow after school I am taking the kids to KC to see GD’s sister.  Her husband is a train engineer, so Leo should have fun.  They have a couple days off of school, then I have to be home by Saturday night because our church is having a soup supper Sunday, and I am one of the soup-ers.  They have a silent auction then GD is supposed to auction some items too.  Last time he sold a free calender for $45.  The next day he went down to the implement dealer and got himself a free one.  I hope he has been practicing.  I might try to take some video to post.  You can make a lot of money with a live auctioneer.  That calendar would have never sold for that in a silent auction.  Coincidentally the calendar featured one of the church members with a restored tractor, “Mr. March” if you will. 

You know, I have to pack for five  people, and I haven’t really started.  I also need to vacuum the van, I hauled a tree for our haunted house and it molted or what ever all over the inside of the van.  It looks like I could rake it and put it in a bag. 

I had two thawed pork chops and one chicken breast in the fridge.  I cooked them for GD so he doesn’t have to eat peanutbutter.  Tonight we had fried cabbage (and other stuff).  Tomorrow I am planning to make a big pot of ham and beans with some thawed bacon I have on hand.  Then I am leaving.  I won’t have to deal with the digestive repercussions of the cabbage or beans!  I had quite an array of odds and ends of thawed meat.  I am glad I could use it this way instead of trying to figure out what to do with two pork chops, a chicken breast and a package of bacon ends for a family of 5.5.