We had a great trip. We went to the KC zoo which is quite different from Omaha’s, and in a good way. I never once felt like I should be rappelling down the hills. We got quite a hike and the stroller came in handy. We ate at Fritz’s, the original one, not the fancy new one. A little train brings your meal in a box, which it drops off on a platform by your table. The food is good too.   DSC01252

We toured Fort Osage which surprised me. Lewis and Clark decided it would be a good place for a fort when they went by. I had never seen a fort with a wooden fence around it. All the forts I am familiar with are huge post Civil War forts and are not enclosed. We went to an Aldi (we try to hit the exciting tourist spots when we travel). Then we went to Union Station to see the train exhibit. Oh my. I officially love train stations. This photo was taken from three floors up and my camera wouldn’t quite catch it all. You can see some grownups for scale.  They had all sizes of trains, N, O etc.  Leo was beside himself.DSC01273 DSC01267 I also found a diorama of myself… DSC01270

On the way home we hit a nature place in Nebraska City. It was tons of fun and we left with a gallon of cider. This tree house is huge. It must be lots of fun when the windchill is not a factor. DSC01311

My In-laws were gracious hosts and put up with the mayhem which surrounds our family.

A photo of my two toothless daughters.DSC01145