A few years ago I found the top of a fake Christmas tree blowing around in the parking lot at work.  It was an old tree nine years ago.  Always drawn to orphans and lost causes I brought it in and decorated it with paper chains and lights.  I stored it at work until I resigned.  They insisted I take it with me.

Several years ago my grandmother downsized her Christmas by giving all of her ornaments to her grandchildren.  I ended up with aproximately 1/6 of her collection.  The number of ornaments matched the number of branches exactly.  GD even made me a little wooden stand so I wouldn’t have to prop it up in a coffee can of sand.  This year I decided I had gotten my money’s worth out of the old tree.  I wanted to keep the ornaments separate; Grandma took the time to write up a little note about the origins of each ornament.  Several are quite old, like the clip on candle I have never lit and always panicked about loosing when I took the tree down.  (It is the small red thing on the branch that sticks into the middle of the wreath.)  

I looked for a decent fake tree, with no luck, the nice looking ones were 15 feet tall and the 4 foot tall ones were nearly as bad as what I already had.  Then I saw the wreaths.

  Early Ded-41

Fortunately my wallpaper disguises the light cord quite well.  I am passing the tree on to the kids, they can put their homemade and unbreakable ornaments on it and keep it in the toy room.