We sold our calves last week. The prices are lower than they have been in a few years, but they do call it a cattle cycle. At the sale barn, they sort them by weight into groups. We have enough now to make several nice pens of cattle, rather than selling one or two at a time. The same guy bought three or four of the large groups. (They sold early, but they were the nicest looking cattle we saw sell.) Between ours and our neighbors, we sold around 50 head of 9 month old calves. From here they will go to a feedlot, then on to the packing plant.

If you want to eat the best hamburger anywhere, come to our sale barn. I don’t know what for sure makes them so good, maybe the scent of manure wafting through the café or the mooing in the background, but oh my, those are good hamburgers, and I am not really a huge hamburger fan. I used to work in this town, and it was a treat to run down there on a Friday for a burger. They also serve homemade potato salad and pies. I am starting to miss working!