This is a re-run, but I have added some at the end.

After my third and final child, I figured my body was done changing shape and I had come to an angle of repose, as Stegner would say. In January 2007 I took all three kids to JC Penney to go bra shopping. Leo was in a stroller, as he was 7 months old, and the ladies were along for the ride, at 4 and nearly 3 years of age. JC Penney is apparently saving money on labor, as nobody works in the store except the check out clerk, from whom I borrowed a tape measure. I found a couple bras that I thought might come close, so we went to the fitting rooms. The handicap access one was locked. It was the only one with a door, so I chose the curtained room farthest from the changing area entrance. Then I was faced with a choice. I could close the curtain and leave Leo outside in the hallway, or I could put the stroller in the changing room and change in the hallway. My third alternative was leaving the curtain open and the stroller in the hallway. I tried this, but the ladies were being “active” and I had a hard time keeping an eye on them without chasing them down the hall while hooking a bra behind my back. I had no desire to be arrested for indecent exposure at the mall. I opted for Plan B.

We proceeded down the mall to Victoria’s Secret. The lady put all four of us (and the stroller) in a changing room that was larger than a standard bedroom, with a locking door and everything. She measured me and found me some bras to try. She even gracefully side-stepped my question about the weird under-arm fat bulges which showed up in one particular style I had tried. I bought two bras.

Now that my fourth and final child is on solid food, I need some new underwear again. The ladies were in pre-school, so the gentlemen and I braved the Christmas rush at our favorite VS store this morning. We got there early, but the single employee was helping a customer. As we waited in the panty section of the store, I took Paul out of the stroller. He immediately crawled over to a table and grabbed the hem of the satin tablecloth, put his head on the floor, and began sucking his thumb. I might just buy him a nightgown for Christmas.  Leo entertained himself and me by walking between the tables, and getting his hair so static-y it clung to his head in swirls. I ended up getting another bra, and I haven’t changed size.  I tried this a few weeks ago, and the lady tried to convince me that I was a C.  That just didn’t seem possible, so I decided to come back when they weren’t busy.

My step-son has been here the past couple of days.  He is recovering on Workman’s comp from a knee injury.  He has been really helpful, he listed several things on Ebay and Craig’s List for me, he has been able to stay with the kids while I make by schoolbus runs.  It is nice having him around.  For example, last night he put the kids to bed so we could go to the movie.  We watched Fireproof.  It is really, really good.  I highly recommend it.