Leo loves my little village.  He twisted a lamppost then beheaded a windmill and a tree.  It all comes down after the next casualty.  It is not an expensive village, just resin, but I like it because it is small, so I can have lots of houses.  It is hard to find accessories to scale without looking at railroad stuff, even the stuff from this outfit is way off.  You can see the dump by the light.


Jane came home from pre-school with gifts for us.  Then she opened them.  She is four.  Almost five.

I have all of my gifts wrapped and prettified with ribbons etc.  They are in a big box in my room, although I would love to put them under the tree.  I don’t dare between a four-year-old who should know better and a 2.5 year-old who has very little self control and a one-year-old who probably remembers opening his birthday presents.  I hate to waste such prettiness.  I am thinking I will pile the gifts on my bed.  I have a bed in my livingroom.  Seriously, it works.  I put the nativity set up there (which you can’t see), and I could surround it with gifts.  I don’t know, that will probably be too much.  Mom says it looks like we run an orphanage with all of our stockings. lol


Mae or Jane took this photo.  I bragged to mom that I had gone through my closet and gotten rid of a lot of stuff.  She then proceeded to find three things in her closet for me.  I sent two to the YWCA career closet and kept the third, a Stewart plaid kilt she got in England in 1980.  I am allergic to wool, so I need to get a slip thing to keep me away from the waist band.  Thanks to support hose, I fit in it.  *Note to self, don’t let anyone shorter than you take your picture while you are standing.

Leo tinkled on the potty today.  Not in it, but he was on; it just went all over the floor because I was getting him the seat with the back stop thing while he did it.  He would prefer to wear a diaper to tinkle into, but I wouldn’t let him.  I even gave him a Donald sticker for tinkling all over my floor.  He runs around the house bottom-less these days.  He started today with training pants and Bob the Builder underwear over them.  Don’t ask why, I will never tell you.  After he wet those, I just let him run around nude.  No photo of that today.

In other news, we are getting lightning, thunder and sleet pellets for weather as I type.  Of course they postponed Jane’s program from tonight until Monday at 7.  Mae’s program is Monday at 7:30,  20 miles away from Jane’s.  We are going to have to divide our forces to conquer all the festivities.

I let the kids decorate the tree.  (Not a cedar!!) They ended up hanging ornaments on the light strings.  Not safe, but really cute.


Doesn’t this tree need gifts?

New Moon.

Man she is a whiny teen-ager.  The first interesting thing happened around page 240, then she goes off with the wrong guy.  Is that what true love is like?  I dunno, this might be my last adventure with Bella.  The two guy thing isn’t nearly as compelling as Evanovich makes Morelli and Ranger…who is of course the right guy.