My Grandmother lives in a retirement home.  She is getting rid of some things, and Mom came back this fall with two boxes of books.  I decided I would set up a paperbackswap account for my brother who lives in Korea.  (He is not in the armed services, so he doesn’t get the benefits of APO mail.) I would mail the books out and receive the books he orders, then get them to him the next time he comes to the states.


After sorting out a few keepers, like Grandma’s Betty Crocker cookbook and a book about headhunting in the Solomon Islands, I posted nearly 30 books.  I have had an incredible response.  I even sent one off to a Xanga friend.  Plays by Ibsen, books by Willa Cather, Sir Walter Scott and an obscure Chinese cook book have flown off the shelf.  I am hoping the Chinese cookbook person comes back for more, as Grandma lived in Taiwan for several years and had quite a collection of authentic cookbooks.  Most of the books are hard back but I was surprised to find they don’t cost any more to mail than a paperback does.  The cookbook did, but it was pretty big.


Mom is planning to visit her mother again this spring and I am excited to see what she brings back.  This is my gift to my brother, the gift of reading.