Catherine the Great commissioned the first roller coaster in 1784.  It came complete with wheeled cars which ran on a track.

    The above sketch is an 1884 switchback railway, Coney Island’s first coaster.  Passengers climbed a tower and rode the car down then up to another tower. The next year, a roller coaster that completed a circuit replaced the switchback ride. 

    Today the highest roller coaster is the Kingda Ka at a Six Flags park in New Jersey.  It tops out at a stomach dropping 456 feet!  


Left Behind

Have you ever tried to use your computer mouse with your left hand?  It is impossible.  Somewhere around 10% of the population is left handed.  Children start favoring a particular hand around age three.  Notice which hand your child uses for finger painting, eating and pointing.  Left handed kids go through life not realizing that lots of things aren’t designed for them.  Some common items which are difficult for lefties to use are musical instruments, pencil sharpeners, cameras, notebooks and manual can openers.

   Make sure your child’s teacher understands likely problems a leftie will encounter, for example many lefties find it easier to write in what is called the DeNealian style, a combination of script and print.

    Famous lefties include Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Queen Elizabeth, Matthew Broaderick, Lisa Kudrow, Oprah Winfrey, Michelangelo, and Bart Simpson (?). source Loving Lefties by Jane M. Healey, Ph.D.