We broke through a wall today.  We have been pushing against it for over a month.  Leo is potty training.  We have learned that if he is naked from the waist down, he uses the potty.  If he is wearing cotton training pants, Bob the Builder big-boy underwear, a pull-up or even just pants, he will tinkle in them.  When a guy stopped to ask if he could hunt on the place across the road from us, Leo was running around in the livingroom with just a tee-shirt and socks on. 


I decided to give up on diapers entirely this weekend, so I have been traveling with a spare pair of training pants, socks, pants and plastic bag.  Today, Leo came to me and announced that he had to tinkle, and sure enough, he pulled down his training pants and proceeded to pee all over the underside of the toilet seat.  Seriously, how do they tinkle up when the darn thing is pointed down?  We even had a floating Cheerio for a target!  We will have to get some training on aiming.


Okay, as I was looking for a funny book to put on my Xangazon thing, (and I did find one…although I am left wondering what exactly is under the flaps) I noted that they have 408 books on potty training.  *Note to self, don’t try to publish a potty training book any time soon.