I wrote a letter to a prisoner today.  I have never done that before, I have never known anyone in jail before.  My friend did something colossally stupid. While he can probably plea this down, it will still follow him forever.  So what do you write to a prisoner?  Turns out not much.  I didn’t ask any questions or pass judgement. Right now, he just needs a friend. I just wrote a short newsy letter.  I thought about every topic, and how it would feel to read that behind bars.  None of it felt very good, but I will send it tomorrow anyway.  I am including a book too.  I doubt he reads much, but I am guessing he might get tired of tv. I might even hunt down a Sudoku book too.  Those things are kind of addictive.

Paul still crawls everywhere.  He will take maybe three steps now, but he is hell-on-wheels with the baby walker thing.  He will probably start walking when GD and I are on our vacation in early Feb.  Speaking of GD, he has been busy.  A couple of weeks ago, he went to school with Jane for show-and-tell on D day, as in Dad.  Two days later he was eating lunch with the kindergartners right before show-and-tell on… shall we call it “G” day.  He liked school lunch, and was appalled at what the little kids throw out. 

I have been following through on my resolutions so far, mostly.  I am still on schedule with the Daily Bible thing, and I have read and returned several books the owners had surely given up on.  I believe I still have four books borrowed.  This does not count Out of Africa.  That would be five.  Most of these books are of the self help variety, and while I undoubtedly need to help myself, a person can only become so good.  I have books on how to have a good marriage, how to handle difficult people (two of those), and how to look at yourself through God’s eyes.  

I am not doing as well on the excercising part.

Good night.