When a high-powered rifle bullet hits living flesh it makes a distinctive-pow-WHOP-sound that is unmistakable even at tremendous distance. 

Open Season


On the third day of their honeymoon, infamous environmental activist Stewie Woods and his new bride, Annabel Bellotti, were spiking trees in the forest when a cow exploded and blew them up.  Until then, their marriage had been happy.

Savage Run


Before going outside to his pickup for his gun, the Wyoming game warden cooked and ate four and a half pounds of meat.

Out of Range


Could you put down a book that opened with any one of these sentences?  Each one makes you wonder… “Where is this going?”  CJ Box is the master of the opening line.  He could teach a seminar on that alone.  I am not going to claim his writing will one day be called literature but he is a wonderful story teller. 


Joe, the protagonist, is a very human guy, he does stupid things, (like ticketing the new governor for fishing without a license) he has problems keeping the same pickup truck from book to book, he has to carry weapons for his job, but is reluctant to use them.  He is pretty non-confrontational, yet has a job which requires confrontation. Does this remind you of Stephanie Plum?  I thought so.  He does stick with the one wife, but his boss isn’t a whole lot different than Plum’s.  Joe is kind of the guy version of Stephanie I guess.


Box leads you through Wyoming the way only someone who has lived there forever can.  The details are perfect, right down to the King Ropes hat. 


He has written one book a year until the last two years, when he managed two books a year.  He is up to ten and counting! This is great news for fast readers like me.  I have been through five so far and I just snagged another off of Paperbackswap.com Whoo Hoo!  They kind of stand alone, you don’t need to read them in order, but it might help a little. I started somewhere in the middle.