I got to do something really fun today.  Our local newspaper editor asked a friend of mine to write up something about herself for an article about the things people do or some such thing.  She asked me if I could help, and I said I would if she would talk to me about what she wanted in the article.  Shortly after she accepted she found out that they had been chosen by a birth mother for an adoption.  So she was off to Chicago for a week, then home for a week with a new baby and this thing is due Monday.  This afternoon she emailed me some information.  It was great, all I had to do was fill in some blanks and re-arrange it.  It was the funnest two hours I spent today.  Some people make casseroles to help new mothers, I ghost write articles.  This is one of the things she said…

“We just adopted our fourth child, Marcus, in January.  When I held Marcus for the first time, I stood there unable to restrain tears trickling down my cheeks.  I felt so sorry for the mother who gave birth to this baby she’ll never see, and so happy he was mine.  You get this rush of love when you see your child for the first time; adoption is the same as natural birth in this way.  I wanted to pick Marcus up and never put him down.” 


She wrote the really good line in there, I just made it into a paragraph.  She spent all afternoon today in the hospital, I guess the baby has some sort of adrenal thing going on now.  He only weighed four pounds when he was born.  I held him today and he was the size and weight of a baby doll, and absolutely adorable.