I need to go to bed, but I had a couple thoughts rattling around in my head.

-If you want to sell me a girl’s dress I don’t need, just make a identical doll version and sell them together.  I will post a photo tomorrow and I dare you to tell me you could have walked past this dress.

-I was listening to an author on the interview show (I have been loosing lots of facts lately, I am thinking it might be related to the fact that I have been functioning on less than six hours of sleep for several days now…) on NPR that comes after “All Things Considered,” about a book called How We Decide.  The author said, “…areas of the brain that traffic in dopamine.”  I laughed hysterically.  Maybe that is standard jargon, but I pictured a neuron in a dark alley saying, “Ya want some dope, you know dopamine?  I got some good stuff here.” 

-I bought two tubes of toothpaste today at Walgreens, and they paid me $.51 to do it.  HA. I guess it is time to switch to Colgate from Crest.  Can’t beat free. 

-A friend offered me money to write a grant. She wants to provide a Dave Ramsey financial course to the residents of the homeless shelter here.  I think that makes a lot of sense.  I need to bone up on my $10 words now.

-We got our first baby calf two nights ago, when it was really cold.  He was born in the barn though, so he is fine.

-I finally finished Leviticus.  My preacher told me if I liked Leviticus I would love Chronicles.  I am still sticking with the Bible in a Year thing, but that was a tough book.

My bathwater is getting cold. Night night.