I was sad to learn that my favorite parenting mag is gone.  Wondertime was the antithesis of Parents.  I mourn its loss.  Even more so because they paid me real money to write about three lines in their Nov/Dec issue.  Yes, I get published (an anecdote) in a mag that goes out of business and I get interviewed on a national radio program that also went out of business, 2008 was not good for the people who like my ideas.

Speaking of people who like my ideas, I got a response today to an unsolicited article I wrote about stillbirth.  They said they were hanging on to it because they would like to find room for it.  They had not responded about any other submissions I had sent in over the past two years, so I am encouraged. 

I am planning to enter some online fiction writing contests.  I planned this yesterday before I got the encouraging letter.  One is a 24 hour contest in April.  I have never finished a short story in my entire life, so I am planning to do the marathon thing and try to write a story every two or three days so I am in shape when April rolls around. I have been reading submissions to another contest, and frankly, I can do better than many of those, probably not better than the winners, but certainly I could hit the middle of the pack.  If those people can stick their necks out and put their names on stuff like that I can too.  Hopefully it is better stuff, but then that may be a matter of opinion. 

Bad news in the writing arena.  I just peeled off a bandaid from my left index finger (a massive papercut) from opening too many bank statements.  Don’t ask.  Today I donated blood and doggone it if I don’t have a bandaid on my right “daddy” finger.  That comes off tonight before I sit down to start my first story. 

I may be putting some different stuff on here, so be prepared.  Kind and constructive criticism is welcome if you have it.