I was tooling around on the internet when I found a place that was selling wildflower seeds.  Plants of the Southwest  (that is a link, even though it doesn’t look like it) I mean real, native to the USA flower seeds.  I placed an order, gave out my credit card # and prayed it was not a hoax designed specifically to entrap homesick native plant lovers.  Sure enough they came yesterday. 

I ordered a penstemon, spotted gayfeather, purple poppymallow, Indian paintbrush, and scarlet globemallow.  All are species native to Nebraska except the paintbrush.  Of course my Nature Conservancy buddies will point out that while the species are native, the plants themselves are not and will not be as hardy as locally harvested seeds.  All I can say to that is…then put some locally harvested seeds in a packet and sell them to me!  

These little packets only cost $2.50 each, not too bad eh?   I hope I can keep these little guys going.  The purple poppymallow grows around here, but I never had the nerve to dig it out of the ditch across from the race track.  It grows low and has really pretty flowers, I plan to plant it out by the mailbox so I can mow over it (when it is established).  Surely it will look better than the weeds we have there currently. 

My next step is to put them in the freezer for a month then plant them in little containers like you do with tomatoes.  I got tons of scarlet globemallow so I can give it to friends and  people who watch my kids from time to time.  I can’t wait to get my camera out…probably next year though.

They are also peddling a $50 native plant book.  That seems like a lot, even to a person who collects plant books.  Aside from that tome, they have tons of books about organic gardening and native plants and medicinal plants and composting and oh, all kinds of neat stuff.  I can’t wait to get into my garden!