Yesterday my kids spent all day with one of three babysitters from 9-8.  I went to MOPS, a field trip at our local museum about doing chores on the farm 100 years ago, and a seminar on sex.

Today we just had fun.  We hung out in the morning and then went to town and played on the swingset display at the big box hardware store (no mud and I needed stuff there too), ate lunch in the park with Aunt Annette then this evening we watched a movie. 

Tomorrow I plan to plant some wildflower seeds and some pansies.  I need to clean off the deck so it looks inviting again and do something about de-winterizing our dog.  Both he and Prairie Horse need a good combing.  The dog probably needs a shave.  I hope to maybe plant some peas too if GD gets the garden rototilled.  He was busy today digging out our ditch with the loader on the tractor.  It looks nice, and it should drain too.  (he didn’t even hit the gas line)  I only hope the county gets the hint and digs out the other side too.  If it doesn’t frost, our crabapple should be showing her stuff soon.  What did Anne Shirley name her crabapple?  I will look that up later, as I have lots of writing to do before I go to bed.