I submitted my story for the 24 hour contest.  I hope it was original.  It was hard for me to determine what route other writers would take, so I could be original.  I guess we shall see.  I am pretty happy with what I turned in.  I also promised myself I would start going to bed earlier.  It is after 11 now…

Leo and his new “spicy” hair-do.  Sadly, my son uses more hair product than  I do.  I spiked Paul’s hair, just a wisp and the stuff stayed up all day.  Reminded me of “There’s Something About Mary.”


Since the weather has been nice until this weekend, we have been eating outside.  Drawback: I have to catch four cats and stuff them into the shop so they won’t bug us while we eat.  Benefit: We can let the cats loose to eat all the food Paul tossed on the deck instead of scraping it off of the kitchen floor.

Jane has decided that she likes to dress in layers.  Often times I will discover she wore her swimming suit under her clothes to school.  She is also famous for wearing two shirts and even a skirt with jeans.  The weather was about 70 when I took this picture.


The artist takes a break.


Don’t you wish you had this on your sidewalk?

These are the little planter things I got for my wildflower seeds.  These are the Scarlet Globemallow if you can’t tell.  I will take a photo after they sprout too.   Looks like I should have enough to give away to some friends.