The verdict is in.  The movie is better than the book.  I finished Breaking Dawn last week and watched Twilight.  I would not have watched the movie but I have a 14 year-old babysitter to loan me these things.  She would be shocked to learn that I read the book between 8:00 Monday night when she handed it to me and Thursday morning.  I watched the movie Thursday night.  You can easily skip over 25% of the book by skimming the Victorian descriptions, which makes for quick reading.


The movie does not contain so many winces and gasps and brittle smiles and bodies automatically freezing and eyes widening and voices trembling and people shuddering slightly.  Seriously, when was the last time you read the word “wince” outside of these books?  The word is so out of use a person could almost imagine doing it to an onion.  “Could you wince this onion please?”  You can open the book to any page and find bizarre and unnecessary descriptions. Try it with any of her books, any page, I dare you.  Of course what do I know?  I don’t have millions of people buying my books.  **wince**


Her storyline is good, it is enjoyable and engaging if you can get past the descriptive actions. I can only think of one other movie, Lonesome Dove, that was as good as the book or maybe even better, well City of Ember was every bit as good as the book, if only they hadn’t left out the library.


If you are concerned about spoilers, skip this paragraph.  It is vague and the book has been out for six months, but if you are the one person who is still waiting to read it… I caught on to several plot twists before they were officially announced; the extra person, what Jacob did to the extra person, and what Alice was up to, but how Bella’s dad was reconciled was a complete surprise.  (I had strange, silent tears streaming down my face) I was not bothered by catching this stuff early.  I think it was good foreshadowing rather than bad writing. 


When I was in college, I had a job where part of it consisted of sorting baked plants into piles.  (Either you understand or you don’t)  Of course we did this in the bunk house in front of the TV.  My co-worker was enamored of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” and I have to tell you, I find myself wanting to do that to the Twilight books.  It isn’t nice and I am not saying that I don’t enjoy them, but they lend themselves to being mocked.