GD came home early today.  A shocking thing in itself.  He was having neck pain, for the second day.  He visited his friend’s chiro before lunch and things got worse not better.  As he was sitting and moaning (GD is always dramatic but this seemed genuine) I suggested he consider his options, the Quick Care clinic or he could call the 24 hour nurse hotline for our insurance and get an opinion.  I had just gotten off the line with poison control so the phone was free.  He called the nurse and decided with his level of pain he wanted our Dr.  While we waited for his sister to come put the kids to bed he googled spinal meningitis just in case. 

The emergency room has two bays and an extra room.  Since I called ahead and made reservations (haha), we got the private room.  From the sounds of things, the other two people were worse off than we were by far.  They were both gone and replaced by two more when we left.  It was a busy, busy place tonight.  The one gal left by ambulance and the other, a teen just looked horrible.  I keep praying for them.

Our Dr office has four physicians.  The one he had tonight did Paul’s C-section.  I showed her a photo of him 18 months later.  She was suitably impressed.  She decided that GD needs an MRI tomorrow and that he probably has a bulging disc.  He is on Valium and Toridol.  The ride home was fun because GD told me he wished he could just take his company pickup home from the repair shop since it was right on the way home, he told me I could stop to see if the keys were in it.  I told him not to worry, I was not stopping.

Tomorrow morning I have MOPS and then Mae’s field day immediately afterwards.  Dr  said GD could drive himself to the appointment if he paid attention to when he took his pain pills.  I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, the poison control thing.  Paul is teething and I could tell that someone had been drinking Tylenol out of the bottle.  Jane assured me it was him.  I called and they said for his weight he would have had to drink two ounces to cause problems and there is no way he did that.  Each time I call poison control it gets a little easier.