Dear Ford Motor people,


You won me over with your “memorize five numbers and never lock yourself out of the car again” system.  That is pretty much gonna be a deal breaker in future car ownership for me.  It sure beats having to call my husband at work to ask him if he has any felons currently working for him.  I haven’t had to do that since we bought the ’99 Explorer.


However, your cavalier attitude about battery placement is downright obnoxious.   When the battery of the van is on the driver’s side and the van is in the driver’s side of the garage it makes it impossible to jump with the pickup whose battery is, of course, on the “wife’s” side of the vehicle, unless you happen to own the world’s longest set of jumper cables.  It would have been closer to park the pickup outside the garage and run the cables in through the side door of the garage. 





Note to self.  Don’t let the kids clean the van out unsupervised.