A friend of mine has been asked to teach a parenting class, focusing on discipline, to our local homeless shelter.  Tonight I was reminded of my biggest triumph as a parent.

We were at my grandmother’s house, she was 90.  My entire family was there, my brother (who has no kids) my dad and his friend, my uncle and his four kids and their spouses.  My kids had toys scattered from Hell to breakfast and it was time to go.  I called a meeting.  The kids sat down on the floor in a semi-circle around me.  I called roll.  The kids love roll call.  If the baby is asleep I call for him then I determine we have enough for a quorum and we continue the meeting.  He was present this time.  We discussed the fact that we were leaving to go to Grandma and Papa’s house and we needed to pick up the toys so Great Grandma wouldn’t fall over them.  * My family is a little amazed that I have four kids, and sometimes I think they wonder if I am up to it.  I often feel exactly the same way.*   My children agreed that the toys should be picked up.  They all got up and proceeded to pick up all of the toys, no whining, or stalling or anything.  They just picked up the toys in an orderly fashion.  When I got my jaw out of my lap I looked around the room and saw my cousins admiring the way my children behaved and my brother standing there with his eyebrow raised.  My children couldn’t have picked a better time to be angelic.  I am still proud. 

Team meetings make people feel they are part of a bigger thing, a team, rather than just four kids running amok. 

I just got done reading The Keepsake by Tess Gerritsen and my, oh my, can that woman write.  I love to read a book that has me asking, “Now where is this going?”  I should not check any more of her books out for a while, since I got nothing else done while I was reading it.