Did you know?

   In 1926 Herbert Sellner tested his idea by putting his son in a chair on a table and rocking the table back and forth.  Over the next year he constructed 14 wooden Tilt-A-Whirls in the back yard of his Minnesota home.  The ride is based on unexpected or “chaotic” motion. 


  Since 1927 Sellner Manufacturing has produced over 1000 rides with over 600 still in use.  Tilt-A-Whirls now feature steel and aluminum construction and seven cars operated by electric motors; rather than a wood frame, nine cars and gas engines.

   If you like to ride vintage carnival equipment, Tom Evans United Shows, a traveling carnival, still operates a 1927 model.  If old carnival rides make you nervous, you can buy yourself a new Tilt-A-Whirl for the low, low price of $300,000. 


The Breakfast Dilemma; the Cereal Aisle

            As I was paging through the Sunday coupons a couple weeks ago I saw a coupon for whole wheat PopTarts.  Whole wheat?  Does this make them remotely healthy?  Our local grocery manager Pablo says they devote 72 feet of shelf space to PopTarts alone (this would be square feet).  Their cereal aisle is 82 feet long, totaling 328 feet of shelf front filled with a confusing array of breakfast cereals.   

            Is bagged cereal as healthy as the boxed stuff?  Is whole grain better than low sugar?  Does anyone actually serve cereal as “part of this complete breakfast”?  What makes cereal healthy?  I asked Cami, Dietician with the County Extension Service these questions.

            “Look for whole grain as the first ingredient…and at least three grams of fiber per serving”, said Cami.  Some companies advertise that their cereals are made with whole grain, but it might be low on the ingredient list.  Enriched or wheat flour is not a healthy first ingredient.  Corn meal is also not considered a whole grain.

            Guidelines vary about the suggested amount of sugar, from less than 5 to less than ten grams per serving.  According to Cami, “It is hard to find cereal with less than 5 grams, so I recommend focusing on the whole grain and not worrying about the sugar as much.”  You can make a “fun” cereal more healthy by mixing a whole grain cereal in with it.  I suggest doing this in a container, rather than as you pour, so your kids are none the wiser. 

            Also pay attention to where in the aisle you find your cereal.  Cereals aimed at kids are placed at their eye level and slightly above.  Healthier choices tend to be on the top row.

high fiber cereal

Healthy Cereal



Yummy Cereal



Past Its Expiration Date Cereal