I am just warning you, I have a book review coming.  I am reading Free Range Kids, and I haven’t laughed so much at a book in years, maybe since I read Red Sky At Morning the first time (or the last time, it is still hilarious).

Dad updated my virus program today.  It ran out a few weeks ago, and I have been internexting without any protection.  Maybe my junk emails will go down too.  Sheesh I hate finding all that crap in my inbox.  Anyway, I found out that I am not allowed on Xanga or Facebook because they are too “adult.”  (Dad did break down and give me the password.)

Randomness Volume 2


Why don’t they put the contents on the narrow side of cake mix and cereal boxes?  My cupboard space does not allow me to store my boxes like a grocery store where you can see the face of the box.  I would really like to open my cupboard and know what kind of cake mix I am reaching for.


I think I figured out why Leo’s favorite color is yellow. Construction equipment is yellow!


I wish it were possible to buy a left handed mouse, you can change your mouse on your computer, but switching back and forth is a drag when you have two lefties, two righties and one computer.  I have settled for making the touch pad left handed. Drives Dad mad, but then he isn’t left handed, and he rarely uses it, unless he is updating my virus protection.


Do they make left handed underwear for men? (they don’t for women)


I have two universities in a bidding war to do an archeological dig in my van.  Unfortunately they are Kid’s Kollege and Toddler University (home of the Screaming Tantrums) which neither have much of a budget for research.  It doesn’t look so bad until you realize that the blue coat is at the same level the arm rests are, and it is on the “floor.”


I started drinking my Coke straight out of the box in the garage.  I guess I like lukewarm, flat Coke better than lukewarm, flat, watered- down Coke.


Doesn’t it seem dangerous for the bunny in Goodnight Moon to have pet kittens? 


I love books that have maps in them.


I figured out why Rachel Ray uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E-V-O-O).  I looked on the shelf above my stove and noticed I have Pure Olive Oil.


We have a skunk visiting us.  He has been around the last two evenings, although I haven’t seen him.  The .22 is ready for when I do.  I don’t recall killing anything except maybe a rattlesnake, but I could kill a skunk easily.  I have not heard the dog notice him, so that is good, but Jake is more friendly than smart so it is just a matter of time, and where is he anyway?  It is past his bed time, he should be home protecting his family.