I love this time of the year.  I also love wireless.

May 09-02

My staff during our morning meeting.  Notice the casual dress code (pants optional).  Casual is what I am all about as a manager.  I got the table on a whim (on sale too), and we have used it a lot.

May 09-04

The reception area.

May 09-05

The boss’s office.  Notice the snazzy new RED planner.  I can see that I need to have the maintenance crew come in and do something with the floors.

We went home to see my family for Memorial Day.  It is virtually impossible to get four kids to look decent for a photo, but add one great grandmother and voila!  Maybe some day I will take a photo where all of my kids are wearing clothes.

May 09-09

Going home at this time of the year only serves to remind me that I live in the corn-infested end of our state.  We saw all kinds of wildflowers (notice the new profile photo).  It makes me homesick.  Of course they have had incredible amounts of rain, like 2 inches in one shot, it has done wonders for the grass and flowers.  Be looking for additions to my 100 plants!

Mom gave me a Stephanie Plum book.  I am re-reading it.  I think I am going to swap it for the one where Ranger…well you know.  Do you know which one that is?  This one is so funny though, I might keep it at that!  I like Ranger best, but Joe is okay too.