This picture came from a 4000 year-old tomb in Egypt. As you can see, women have been juggling for a long time.  The art of juggling is also recorded in early civilizations as far flung as China, India, Greece, Mexico and Polynesia. Early jugglers were healers and fortune tellers, only later did juggling become entertainment.  After the fall of the Roman Empire, juggling was discouraged as witchcraft, but it made a comeback  in the late 1700s, with the first circuses. 

   Bruce Sarafian holds the record for juggling 12 beanbags at a time.  “Stubby” Jones is credited  with first attempting chainsaw juggling.

   If you are making summer travel plans, this year’s European Juggling Convention will be held July 4-12 in Spain.


Did you know?

March 21 was corn-dog day?  Our nation celebrates it on the first Saturday of the NCAA basketball tournament each year. 

  The origins of this delicacy have become obscured over the years.  Corndog stands operated in New York City as early as 1941, but a 1929 catalog listed a Krusty Korn Dog baker.  Corny Dogs hit the Texas State Fair between 1938 and 1942 but Minnesota claims the Pronto Pup started there in 1941.  Locations in both Illinois and California claim to have added the ever practical stick in 1946.   

  You can order me a Korn Dog, a Corny Dog, or a Pronto Pup, but I want mine with extra mustard.

Corn Dog Muffins               

2 pkgs Jiffy Corn Bread Mix

2 T Brown Sugar

2 Eggs  

1 Can Corn, drained

5 Chopped Hotdogs

Combine ingredients and drop into greased muffin tins.  Cook at 400 for 14-18 minutes. I will be honest, I got this from a magazine, but I forgot which one.



Overheard at the Wildflower house…


WF:  Why didn’t you clean up that toy horse like I asked you to?

Mae:  You didn’t give us any elbow grease!


Leo:  Mama, I am always going to poop in my diaper!


WF:  What does a kitty say?



Jane:  Mom, I have been coughing since I was a little baby.

WF:  Yes, and you have been hiccupping longer than that.