The day we left I ran around looking for my digital camera.  It was nowhere to be found.  I went to have my hair done and my friend loaned me her point-and-shoot 35mil camera.  I didn’t use it much because I swiped Mom’s digital camera, which was a good thing because I took some great flower shots.  More on that later.


I went home for my High School reunion.  It was nice to see the people I went to school with again.  Most are still at home, or in the Eastern end of the state or in the Denver area.  I found out that I received the same degree from the same university at the same time as a high school classmate.  I don’t remember seeing him at college at all, and it isn’t that big of a school.  He was cute, I can’t believe I missed him.  That really baffles me.  The ones I keep in touch with were not there, so I had to mingle with all kinds of new people, which was a little uncomfortable.  I determined my one friend is a savant.  He can recognize anyone anywhere after any amount of time.  Even after a sex change, I believe.


I took several extra days so I could catch up with non-high school friends too, including a friend I have had since Kindergarten and then another I met on summer break from college.  She moved from Texas to my hometown, so I can see her whenever I go home.  I am so happy to have her there, even if I don’t get back but a few times a year.  Just knowing makes me feel good.  I am hoping she can get me the opportunity to take a photo of Hayden’s Penstemon (an endangered flower) next spring.  I am sure people will let her know where they grow, it is kind of her line of work now.  Hint hint.


Then I drove the ladies out to Craig, CO to visit my cousin and her kids.  The gentlemen stayed with Grandma and Papa.  We drove and drove, and the mountains and flowers were beautiful.  I was so glad to have Mom’s camera along, I am a little surprised the battery stayed charged. You may feel differently after I get all of them posted.


I found my camera today.  If I had only not purchased the UW jacket when I went to the bookstore to buy another flower ID book, can you have too many of those?  I didn’t have a Wyoming one, but now I do.  This one has a really handy id thing in the front with small photos of the flowers and page numbers under it.  Usually they are arranged by family which is a pain or if they are by color, you realize one man’s purple is another man’s blue.  Anyway, I bought the newest CJ Box book because it was there and it was signed plus a book called Wicked Plants which looked like a lot of fun, and a bumper sticker I didn’t need.  My camera was in the pocket of the jacket I packed but never wore.