We just got back from visiting my Mother-in-law.  The kids drove me nuts in the pickup.  They didn’t so much fight as just make a lot of racket.  We stopped in a Dollar General to pick up some snacks and go potty.  Leo followed Daddy into the bathroom, and when Dad was done, Leo gave him a loud, “Good job, Daddy!”  At least one of them is potty trained.

When we got back I was excited to see people had ordered five of my books on Paperbackswap.  Of course it was five different people, but I can now order five books I want. I have to register the ladies for school tomorrow, so I can go to the post office then.  GD and I discussed this, do you ususally have to register your kids each year?  We both went to such small schools, the teachers would have known if we had moved.

We got an awesome new chest freezer.  Our old one is avocado green and around 30  + years.  It also isn’t staying cold enough.  This one has kind of a grid thing so there are compartments in the bottom so I don’t have to muscle heavy boxes around to get to stuff, it will be sorted right there.  Whoo hoo, ready for a bunch of hamburger.

Did you notice the second rainbow is backwards?Colorado trip-43 Curt Gowdy State Park. 

The flower pics are on Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado.  You should have seen them, they were glorious.

Colorado trip-69 Colorado trip-70