According to my records, I have not blogged much this summer, with the exception of a spurt at the beginning of this month.  I have been busy cleaning.  I shampooed the carpets, and boy did they need it.  Hopefully Leo is done tinkling on them, and they will stay relatively stain free until we potty train Paul.  Ha.  Last week I cleaned out my office.  I only have two small piles left to file.  This room is our piling room, and a great place to toss all kinds of miscellaneous stuff.  Except now it looks so clean I may not want to ruin the ambience.



Paul’s scar seems to be healing pretty well.  We had Aunt Mi-shelf, as Leo calls her, remove the stitches.


Paul spends a lot of his time doing just this.

The ladies started school.


And our good friend Leo is still potty training.  He seems to have some confusion about how the uniform is to be worn.


We are planning a trip next month, specifically to build up the trust funds of Walt Disney’s heirs.  It will involve taking the ladies out of school for a week, but if all goes well, we will not be there at a really busy time.  We decided to leave the gentlemen with Grandma and Papa.  I don’t think it would be much fun to try to keep track of the little guys in a place like that.  We can take them somewhere special in a few years, when they are a little older and smarter. (not wearing their underwear backwards?)  Any practical tips on Disney vacations would be appreciated.