I finished Dewey today.  The book about the library cat.  *Big sigh.*  I checked it out because last fall at a writer’s symposium the speaker said this book was coming out.  He said it was proof that people can find writing topics anywhere.  His buddy ghost wrote it.  It was funny, it made me cry, it was a pet book, just like every pet book.  Even a world famous cat does not lead a life worthy of 271 pages.  Fortunately the author didn’t even try, he wrote for the librarian in first person, so he included her story and then general historical and economic info about northwestern Iowa.  The librarian seemed like a nice lady (she was a librarian, of course she was) but her biography was…well like reading my own biography.  Not that I lived her life but that it was… unexceptional, to me at least.  I am from a similar town to hers, so the historical and economical part was…well like reading about my hometown.  I read the book in about 24 hours, so I must have liked it to some extent but I could have better used my time.  It was okay, if you are a fanatical cat person you may enjoy it, or if you knew the cat, but otherwise, eh, I warned you.

I am having some serious book issues this month, maybe because I am caught up on the Bible…I start Job today.  I decided to keep track of my pages this month as well as the books, which is a good thing because I will be lucky to finish the two books I have before mid September at this rate.  When I cleaned my office I ran across an article from Time Magazine about Eleanor Roosevelt I had put aside to read “when I got a chance.”  The article was too short so I hit the library about Eleanor, a person I should really know more about.  Our library had almost nothing about her.  One book was written by a grandchild who referred to her as “Granmere” or what ever that should be in French.  It sounded pretentious and annoying.  There was something about her and her mother-in-law which didn’t click with me as well as several about her and Franklin, then finally a book written by a staffer of hers with tons of photos.  I chose that.  Right off the bat I realized that if you are going to be writing about a family who considers themselves aristocracy (especially with intermarriage) you should include a FAMILY TREE!  It is written like the reader should know things I didn’t, and I don’t consider myself unknowledgable.  Along about page 40 I decided to peek at the book about Alice Lee Roosevelt Longworth I got from the same shelf.  Lo and behold there was the family tree.  I am now on page 128 of 500.  I took a hiatus to read the cat book.  Alice is easier to read than Eleanor, but the sheer length of it looms like a mountain.  The one on Eleanor, I may not finish.  I hate to not finish a book permanently.  It seems like giving up, but I do believe that is what I will do.  Maybe I will page through and look at the pictures.  Surely there is something out there about Eleanor that is readable.  Suggestions?