We took the ladies on vacation for a week to Disney World in Florida and came back with a ton of dirty laundry.  We managed to run into someone who lives just up the road from us, and the entire population of Ohio.  It was lots of fun.


GD had a customer who offered to take us out on his boat while we were in the vicinity, so we drove over to south of Tampa to see him.  He took us to eat somewhere that has been immortalized by Jimmy Buffet, (in Florida? Seriously?) where we ate shrimp that were bigger than GD’s thumb.  Our chauffeur then took us to a sand bar in the bay somewhere.  On the way there we saw four groups of dolphins and even jellyfish in the water.  GD and his sharp eyes saw a stingray too.  We floated in the water and found all kinds of shells.  I have walked maybe 10 beaches on two oceans and the gulf and never have I found shells like these.  There were tons of conch shells, many complete with the original owner.  We found a couple empties and one with a hermit crab in it.  It was crazy; my kids are ruined, now they will always expect real shells rather than broken oyster shells and the occasional tiny clam shell I was used to as a child.


GD came back from the farm with a tiny baby kitty a couple of weeks ago.  I kept her for a week then Sister-in-Law Annette babysat her while we were on vacation.  In the mean time SIL litter trained her. (Yay!)  I started feeding her formula in a dish instead of the bottle when we got home, and today I fed her some canned dog food.  She scarfed that down, so it must have been the right thing to do. She is still tiny, but she is fat now too.  We call her Pumpkin.  She is really sweet.  Paul is head over heels in love with her, and she seems to tolerate him. So what is really the difference between canned cat food and canned dog food?  I think a trucker gave this to us, so it was free.  I guess if she starts barking at the road-grader I will go buy some canned cat food.


I am reading Lizzie’s War, which turns out to be a good book, her husband has a delightful sense of humor, but he is in VietNam, so things don’t look good for him, does anybody ever come back alive in a war book?  I kinda got behind (again) on my Bible reading while I was on vacation, I left my handy bookmark at home so I had no real guidance on what I should read each day.  I am pretty much caught up except I still have half of Isaiah to read.  This of course is what I should be reading, not novels.  At the end of the month, my reading year will be done, I run on the federal government’s fiscal year you see.  I am ahead of last year, but still in the double digits.  The Pilot’s Wife was good even though Oprah liked it and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was good too.


I have to tell you a funny story.  I thought the ladies had worms, there was a lot of scratching and so on, and from my experience that meant worms.  I collected a poop sample from a random un-named daughter and made appointment for said daughter with the Dr.  I told the daughter to get the sample out of the freezer and described where she could find it.  She put it in a non-see through type grocery bag and off we went.  The Dr examined her and said he thought she had a yeast thing going on, and he could prescribe a salve, but he would look at the sample just incase.  A couple of minutes later he came back with a weird look on his face and said, “You may have put me off food forever.  I looked at the sample and looked again and, well, here it is.”  He held up a bag with three pieces of frozen sausage from a long ago breakfast.