Hmm.  So what has happened in my life lately?  Well not much interesting or I would have told you sooner.  I did meet my first Xangon in real life.  Prairiecowboy (I was going to tag him, but I see he is not my friend, according to Xanga.  I guess you can’t tag subs.  Sorry ’bout that.) was pretty much like he is in his blog, and his wife was pretty much like I expected too.  They were from North Dakota so of course they were nice.  They were on their way to their son’s graduation from basic training, and were driving practically right past my house. 

I finally got caught back up on the Bible.  Well, except for Isaiah.  I am going to read a couple chapters a week to finish that up independently of the rest of the schedule.  Rather than having us read Psalms twice (which I have not been doing) they should break Isaiah up over the second six months.  I will not let myself give up now.  I literally have two-and-a-half months left.  This Bible thing has left my other book reading in shambles.  Now I am reading something about Mr. Biswas, it isn’t bad, but it doesn’t fly.  I don’t believe Oprah mentioned it one way or another, but it got a Nobel prize (almost as good a recommendation as Oprah’s–this from a stay at home mother who has only watched one episode of Oprah)  I would like to read some easy things to bump my numbers a little.  Maybe I will hit the library tomorrow.  I can do that before I donate blood so I have something to read.  If I don’t squeeze the ball too often maybe I can get an extra five minutes of quiet… 

I like my iphone.  I haven’t added any music to it or any of those 4,000,000 apps they keep talking about.  I am trying to figure out what I would use, and I am embarrassed about the digital music I do have.  Speaking of dated media, I watched Auntie Mame this weekend.  My mother remembers it as hilarious.  It was funny, but I think it would have been funnier in the 1950s or 60s whenever it came out. It was about 3 hours long.  Julie and Julia was funny in 2009.  Really funny.  It irritates me when someone has an original but very simple idea (the idea was simple, not the process) to write something.  Cook all of the recipes in Julia Child’s book and write about it.  Now why didn’t I think of that?  We probably don’t have the ingredients here anyway.

We went to Goodwill for halloween shopping.  We are going to have two cute girls. I will post photos closer to the date.  I bought an extra fire fighter’s hat because the ladies dress up all the time, and the gentlemen want to play with them, but their choices are limited to tutus and the ladybug costume.  Even a man with strong self esteem can only wear a tutu so many times before losing his dignity.  Maybe Santa will bring some cowboy duds or something.  I think Spiderman may have (pardon the pun, and I know it isn’t technically correct) bugged out on me to be a fire fighter again, with the new hat.  I was going to cover his red sweatpants in electrical tape.  Easy, warm, what’s not to like?  At least I still have some control over the youngest.  I am sure he won’t let me dress him in green pantyhose next year, we have to strike while the iron is hot!