I just got home from a Bible Study.  We are reading “Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible.”  I guess the minister didn’t want us getting any big ideas right off by reading the other more dangerous looking books in the series, you know, “Bad Girls of the Bible” and “Really Bad Girls of the Bible.”  There are 20 pages of questions to review after the first chapter of the book.  Was the author seriously thinking a group of women could cover 20 pages of questions in any sort of reasonable amount of time?  We are taking three meetings per chapter.

Speaking of reading, “How is Mr Biswas?” you ask.  Ah, he has done nothing but move in with his in-laws and then move out again.  Mom finally ‘fessed up to giving it to me.

>> I’m the one who gave you Mr. Biswas.  I got it at the library used
>> book sale and bought it because it was a literature prize winner.  I
>> started it four years ago and read half and got dis-interested.  This
>> summer I decided I’d looked at it long enough and just made myself
>> finish it.  What’s so good about it?  I don’t know.  It’s pretty sad,
>> to me.  The poor man works so hard all his life to get ahead and it’s
>> a project in futility.  Is it a metaphor for all of us?  Is there
>> something there I’m not seeing?  Put it on PBS when you’re finished. Mom

> So should I finish it?  SP

Well, of course you should finish it.  It’s a literature prize winner (I
forgot which prize, but an important one.) It’s good for you to have the
discipline to do difficult things.    Yes, finish it.  And I’m going
to finish 100 years of solitude that Derek gave me.  I’m bogged down
with it and I wonder why Derek thinks it’s so wonderful, but I told him
I’d read it and I will.  In the next two weeks.  However, I’m finding
that carrying it around with me isn’t doing the job.  I may have to open
the covers. Mom

So there you have it, I am developing character.  I have about 150 pages left out of maybe 650.  Personally I think the Nobel Prize for Literature should go to those with enough steadfast determination to finish the darn book rather than the author.  I usually finish around two books a week, averaging 5-9 books a month.  November’s page is looking pretty bare, empty in fact.  It is going to throw off this year’s numbers big time.  I think I will make some sort of reading plan for this year, so I can return books like “Out of Africa” to my mother after what has it been, 15 years?

I found a reading site on Yahoo, and I am interested to find out what it is all about.  It will probably be a good way to waste precious reading time.