Hmm.  Well, I went to the emergency room Thursday morning with a kidney stone.  I haven’t felt any pain since Thursday noon, (and No, I haven’t touched the pain killers…)  I have a follow up appointment Tuesday to see what the heck happened.  It doesn’t seem possible that it is gone, but it doesn’t seem possible that it is still there either.  ?

Grandpa Daddy has been busy putting in replacement windows.  Our house was built in the 1960s when neighborhood peepers were such a huge social problem that home builders singlehandedly tackled the problem by installing windows at the top of the room, rather than where they can actually be used.  Our nearest neighbors on the three sides of our house that have windows live nearly one mile away.  Clearly privacy was a huge issue at the time.  We do have neighbors to the North who live about 50 yards away.  Alas our original house had no north facing windows.  DSC02637 Our kids live at the opposite end of the house from us, and their chances of escaping a fire with these windows is pretty much nil.  Aside from the fire issue, the windows spend the winter coated with ice or condensation so you can’t look out of them for half the year anyway.  DSC02634

Here we have an example of the fine caulking job keeping our winter heat in.  DSC02638 Won’t that flowering Crabapple look glorious next spring?  And the ladies will even be able to see it this time!  I have a lot of clean up to do. GD is taking a break and going to work this week so I am hoping I can catch up on vacuuming the drywall dust off of everything.   DSC02636

Which room would you rather sleep in?


This is what happens when you let a two-year-old and a kitten decorate your tree.DSC02627 DSC02632 Pumpkin is beside herself.  Jane was making fun of her but I pointed out that she may not remember knocking down our big tree when she was but a sprite.