Yes, I read 84 books.  I go on a fiscal year, Nov 1-Nov 1.  Following are highlights.

Mom asked me to order some specific books on Paperbackswap for her, and some accidentally got sent to my house.  I put down everything to read The Speckled Monster by Carrell.  I peeked at the first chapter and fell into it completely.  Technically I finished it this month, but oh was it good.  It was about Smallpox in the 1720s, and how these two people independently started the idea of inoculation in western Europe and America.  Maybe that doesn’t sound good to you, but if you are interested in history, or sociology or just plain old good fiction you should request it from your library.  Although it is technically fiction, which makes it readable, she did enormous amounts of research.  She is such a good writer the notes on each chapter are good reading.

I read Sandra Dallas’s The Diary of Mattie Spenser recently and remembered why I like this author so much.  She writes about women on the plains, the books generally take place between 1860 and the 1930s.  The women are independent and usually involved in some murder mystery.  That sounds a little contrived, but she does it well.

Lizzie’s War by Farrington was an interesting look at the Viet Nam era.  Her characters sparkle.

Free Range Kids by Skenazy still stands out in my mind as a great book about childhood safety and fun. 

I am completely caught up on both CJ Box and Alex Kava.  I consider both of these to be local authors, although Box is more local to where I grew up.  They both write murder mysteries which keep me on the edge of my seat.  I  hit Tess Gerritson pretty hard and Dean Koontz too.  This may be the first year in a long time I didn’t re-read the Harry Potter series.

The Concubine’s Children sticks in my memory if only for the photo of the author’s uncle and his feet.

Eats Shoots and Leaves was the first book I finished last year.  I remember chuckling all the way through this book on punctuation.

I managed to read four vampire books by Meyer, and am hoping that nobody loans me any more of those, but no doubt somebody will.  I would however watch the movie.

I didn’t care for All the Pretty Horses much.  I have a hard time reading books without punctuation around dialogue.  I actually threw away a book I read too.  It was that bad.  It was Killing Britney by Olin, if you are looking for books to avoid.

I am still with Mr Biswas, I don’t even know where I got this book.  It isn’t bad, it just isn’t really easy to read.  I hereby solemnly swear to read only that and the Holy Bible until I am done with one or the other.  So help me God.