I talked to my Dad and my uncle today.  Poor Grandma.  She seems to be symbolically straightening her life out.  She started folding her sheets yesterday afternoon.  She is still in the hospital, and bedfast so I guess it would be the top one and maybe the blanket too.  She would finish and the nurse would cover her back up and Grandma would start over again.  She is pretty disoriented so they have someone sit with her all night.  All night long Grandma stayed up folding her sheets, the nurse would replace them and she would start over again.  If only she made house calls, there would be no need to worry about starting over, it never ends here.  (I suppose it would be tacky for the hospital to supply her with new unfolded sheets throughout the night.  They probably have labor laws or something.)  Grandma is an excellent folder, she is very methodical and used to even iron her sheets.  I guess she slept pretty much all day today.  I hope she doesn’t get her days and nights mixed up.  She is scheduled to move to the nursing home from the hospital by tomorrow.