Grandma seems to be done folding laundry.  My uncle said after she went to sleep yesterday, she would feel for the edge of the sheet, find the hem side like she was going to fold it.  Dad says she was a lot more coherent today.

My husband won tickets to a bull riding and a “meet-and-greet” the night before (which was tonight).  Well, the bull riding is tomorrow and you all know what else is tomorrow.  You don’t?  Seriously, you don’t follow Nebraska football?  Well the Big 12 Championship game is tomorrow and we play Texas in Dallas.  Apparently this is not a game to be missed, even for bull riding.  We gave the tickets to the only non-Nebraska-football-yet-cowboy friend we have and we went to the meet-and-greet.  Who do ya spose we meeted-and-greeted?  Bullriders?  Eh, not them.  We got to meet the bullfighter (clown) who was really nice and personable, and the DJ.  A stock contractor and another guy also showed up for the free grub.  Neither of them were in any kind of shape to ride bulls, but one said his semi had 2 million miles on it.  Two other couples won tickets to the meet-and-greet, one was a no-show, and the other gal who won brought a friend. I actually knew of them both.  They were writers.  Romance writers, so they pumped the bull fighter for information about the circuit so they could use it in future books.  He told them he didn’t have much information about romance, it was fun to watch. We went to the bar later and I pumped them for freelance advice before they started finding bullriders to interview.  They were Julie Miller and Sherry (Siwinski) James, for you romance readers.  I got to meet-and-greet writers instead of riders!  Then we bought groceries.  It was a fun date.

I found one of Sherry’s books on Amazon.  I just can’t bring myself to read it, it sounds…eh…not like my kind of book.  I should just read it, it is not like it is going to shock my sensibilities.  It would look much better for me if I could say I had read one next time I see Sherry (because I do every few months).  I just can’t see me reading Studs for Hire: Woman on Top.  Can you?  I can’t see me trying to explain the title to my now-literate daughter.  Maybe I could make a cover from a grocery sack or something.  If you read it, please let me know if I should.  Julie writes for Harlequin.  I am scared to look for her books; she’s written 39.