1 Crib for sale!  Installed in 2002, it is finally being taken down.

2 Little boys chasing the Christmas train in circles

3 Inches of snow

4 Christmas cards in the mailbox

5 Hours on the internet

6 Times of fixing the Christmas train before I said, “Next time it falls over we turn it off.”

7 Hours of Gregor by Collins

8 Loads of laundry

9 Degrees above zero this morning

10 The real number of times before I quit fixing the train.


In other news I read in the paper this Saturday that you can check out ebooks from the library.  Like for your iphone or maybe Kindle.  I am completely psyched! 

Last time I went home, I downloaded a book about Joan of Arc and then an abridged edition of The Jungle Book from the Apple site.  It cost me upwards of $8.  Which isn’t too bad, I chose cheap books on purpose.  But I will never listen to these books again.  Well, I might let the kids listen to Jungle Book some time in the future, but it isn’t like I can put them on PBS or anything.  I now own a digital book I won’t be using again. 

But the library, (who plans to charge me, ME who pays them untold amounts in fines each year, an annual fee to use their fine institution because I live out of town) is providing ebooks I can download at home.  They belong to some state-wide thing and you get a week to listen to your book. 

I spent most of today learning how to use my ipod.  I have the phone figgured out, but not the ipod part.  I don’t find itunes as intuitive as other Apple stuff.  Hopefully I can get it under control tonight and listen to Gregor.  

I guess I can resolve myself to belonging to a subscription library, although this is not what Andrew Carnegie had in mind when he gave them the money to build their library.