I was telling my mother about the never-ending book quiz on goodreads.com.  It is hard to stop once you start playing.  I am running about 70% after answering around 300 questions.  It would be much higher if I had read the Time Traveler’s Wife.   There are entirely too many questions on that book.  The fact that my brother read and discussed in my hearing Douglas Adams’es books has help greatly.  “It is mostly about books, everything from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to the The Phantom Tollbooth to the Bronte sisters,” I told her.  “I wish I could remember all the books I have read,” sighed Mom (who literally read an entire library’s books).  Then in a whisper, I am assuming so my step-dad wouldn’t hear, “What’s the site? I might want to check it out…”  Here it is Mom   

goodreads.com never-ending book quiz  Find me and “friend” me.