I wore my Wyoming Cowboys sweatshirt Saturday.  By accident.  Friday night GD and I filled out a pool picking teams in the upcoming bowl games.  We didn’t have to pay any money, I am not sure what the prize is, maybe just the honor of the best picks.  Of course I picked my alma mater.  Mom said she chose Fresno St (because she had been watching them play) but was going to cheer for the Pokes.  The Cowboys won after two overtimes!  Mom said I was probably the only one in the pool who picked Wyoming.  I am nothing if not a loyal fan.  I also picked Idaho, where my nephew is the quarterback (his brother is running the pool, so I am probably in good company there).  They play right before Nebraska, in Boise of all places. 

We filled out this pool after coming home from the winery.  Oh, my, I haven’t had a buzz like that for years.  We had an excellent prime rib and the best bread ever.  A friend ordered a piece of pumpkin cheesecake and two spoons for dessert.  I told the waitress I would take a loaf of bread and two knives.  They are supposed to send me the recipe.  I really hope they do, but they would be smart not to send it. If that were my recipe I would keep a copy of it in a fireproof box at least 50 feet from my other lesser recipes.

This morning I noticed that the freezer was lukewarm, as in completely thawed.  Fortunately I keep the leftovers and opened packages of food in there, so the only stuff that was unopened was a package of hashbrowns and a pkg of ravioli.  The chickens and dog are going to be eating like kings.  I cleaned that out and vacuumed the back off (and cleaned the floor under it).  I found a treasure trove of things under there.

K, L, T, E, Z, J, and N as well as a golf ball, a clove of garlic, a princess magnet, a truck and trailer, 2 beads, a bouncy ball, a mirror, a clothes pin, Ariel’s head, half a duck and half a sheep, three gear magnets and a pencil sharpener.  Excellent items for a scavenger hunt.  Then, as I was getting ready to make soup with the thawed hamburger and vegetables, I noticed the fridge was warm as well.  It was not warm this morning.  I put everything in the garage fridge.  The repair guy is scheduled for 1-5 tomorrow.  I am so glad this happened now and not, say Thursday.

It is a good thing I am not pregnant, I craved icewater all four times, and I regret not insisting that GD install an icemaker in our bathroom in 2002.

I better go be a parent.  Who knows what havoc the children have wreaked as I typed this.