I guess I will weigh in on the controversy surrounding mancouch and the impending demise of Xanga.


My Xanga experience is fairly insular.  I subscribe to people I like.  I rarely read blogs I don’t already subscribe to.  I don’t discuss religion with people I don’t know really well because my beliefs are mine and I am not worried about what your beliefs are, they aren’t likely to influence me.  If I have concerns about your faith, I will handle them by prayer, which I find to be much more effective than lambasting you.  Politics aren’t much different. 


Regardless of my feelings on the current Pope, tackling old men is not sporting.  Only someone with mental health issues would do that, and making fun of mentally ill people isn’t my style.  I don’t have a problem with the odd tongue-in-cheek joke, but a lot of that was just mean.


Most of Xanga’s front page is controversial because controversy and hot button issues attract attention.  These are the same reasons people watch Inside Edition and 20/20 and 60 Minutes, pure sensationalism or gossip.  These people are happy to let everyone know what they feel on a given topic, they are looking for an audience, no matter how inane their comments may be.  I found two great people on the front page, Old Hat and Magistra Mater.  I don’t expect to find any more.


Early on I subscribed to a popular “controversial/conversational” blog.  There was just too much arguing on it so I un-subbed.  About a year and a half later this individual friended me.  He had left footprints all over my site, so I sent him a message asking him what attracted him to my site.  He never answered so I didn’t return his friendship.  I guess he was just building numbers.  Probably I take this too seriously, but I keep track of who I am subbed to, I care about you, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time. 


My Xanga experience does not include doom and gloom.  I sincerely hope Xanga is not going to go the way of the Polaroid camera.  If doom and gloom is on the horizon I am very concerned.  Xanga is important to me.  I need to be in contact with adult people throughout the day, and this site has allowed me to find people who think like me, or at least in ways I can relate to.  I can’t imagine having to pick up and move to a different site.


It would be nice if the front page blogs were thoughtful and well written, rather than chosen for their shock factor.  Mostly I ignore them, I can only blame myself for choosing to read something that I know ahead of time will be junk.